Success Tips From Digital Marketer Eric Edge

Digital marketing has slowly risen to be the most popular medium of advertising and marketing. Moving away from older styles of reaching audiences, digital marketing uses social media and the internet to reach new heights of advertisements. However, as smooth and easy as it may seem, digital marketing can require a lot of focus and up-to-date information with the current trends and demands of the world.

Growing up in New Jersey, digital marketer Eric Edge had to go through many careers to finally discover his passion for this field. Edge now runs a successful business in digital marketing in the department of lead generation, where he works with clients and companies to help them get discovered by new audiences.

Eric Edge traveled the world and lived in quite a few countries in his early 20, including Colombia, South Africa, and Indonesia. Therefore, Edge developed a worldwide understanding of people’s needs and wants according to their cultures at a very young age. During this time, he also traveled to an impressive 17 countries. All of this exposure would come together later to help Edge work in the field that he does.

After trying out many career fields, Edge realized that digital marketing was the way to go for him. He had spent a lot of time in other industries as well. However, he didn’t see it as a drawback. Instead, Edge saw it as experience and a way to further enhance his mind. This mindset is an example of how much he had grown and his ability to look at the bigger picture and not easily get frustrated by things. Edge’s ability to see the best in things is another trait that helped him succeed later in life.

Eric Edge works to get businesses attention. He uses both organic and paid methods of digital advertising to generate the best results for his clients. Edge uses Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Telegram, Reddit, email, text messaging, and influencer marketing to reach an exponential level of audiences for his work. Through these methods, Edge can satisfy his clients and the businesses he works with by rapidly discovering new audiences as well as growing brand recognition.

When talking about the factors that help make a successful entrepreneur, Edge says that the most important element is to be resourceful. He mentions that entrepreneurship and business can both be risky because nothing is promised. This is why it’s important to be well equipped to be able to work as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Edge also wants young entrepreneurs to be careful of whom and where they get advice from. He says that everyone loves to give advice, but very few are actually qualified to give it. Edge’s future plans involve expanding his work even further. However, Edge knows that there will be a time where he will want to look into his other passions; this is when he will consider retiring. Edge will want to look into making short films in the far future due to his love for art.

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