AJ Asmar’s Hair Care Brands Hair Queen Beauty & Meltdown Are Growing Rapidly

Success means different things to different people. Working toward the goals you’ve set for yourself can provide you with a lot of joy and satisfaction. Furthermore, chasing your dreams and living your ideal life can be another way of creating what you’ve always wanted. Problem-solving abilities, desire, and the ability to work hard are all traits most entrepreneurs share.

One of these well-known entrepreneurs is AJ Asmar. He began his journey from Palestine to the United States when he was only 15. When Asmar first arrived, his knowledge of the English language was quite limited, but with practice, he was able to improve.

At first, Asmar worked for his family, who operated a neighborhood beauty supply store in Louisiana. He spent years studying and learning how the retail sector worked and what it takes to build a successful store. However, his innovative managerial style was not well received, so he resolved to make a stronger comeback.

Asmar was able to open his own retail beauty supply store, which he named Hair Queen Beauty. His creativity and enthusiasm for beauty aided him tremendously, and he was able to put his more than 13 years of experience to good use. Asmar’s company made over 2.5 million dollars in sales in the first year, changing his life drastically.

He then determined that his next step would be to completely dominate the industry. He concentrated solely on increasing market share. In just six years, Asmar opened six facilities and hired over 80 staff to keep everything running smoothly. On the other hand, he has kept growing and aspires to continue doing so.

Their goal has always been to introduce their customers to the best items and aid them in finding the correct help. Furthermore, their collection, Meltdown, a lace glue application system for wigs, has been endorsed by numerous celebrities and influencers. Their competitors in the haircare industry have surrendered and know that Hair Queen Beauty is unbeatable.

Asmar encourages others to follow their dreams and never give up on their goals. Furthermore, he argues that having experience is also important. Learning from an expert can potentially assist you in starting your own business. Because achieving success is a continuous process, enjoying each stage and seeing it as a positive stride forward is critical.

What Asmar has accomplished is remarkable, and he has made a significant impact on the beauty industry on his own. Today, his expertise and experience speak for themselves. Hair Queen Beauty and Meltdown’s products are available in over 500 retail locations across the United States.

Asmar‘s journey has had its share of bumps and failures, but he didn’t let them get the best of him. Asmar’s capacity to keep pushing forward and pursuing his goals is an example to many of this generation’s aspiring entrepreneurs. Success has no shortcut, but once it begins to operate in your favor, the world begins to notice the difference.

Here’s a statement from Asmar regarding his project “We just launched The Retail University Training Technology that’s going to impact millions of retail business owners globally and here’s how.

The Retail University is a Virtual Interactive Training Technology Platform that I developed to helped me scale my business and turn my self from a business operator to a business owner. 

After over 20 years of retail experience I’ve realized that a lot of Retailers are leaving a lot of money on the table by not properly training managers and sales team. 

I’ve developed a new way train my team that is fitting for the new world we live in. 

The Retail University Training Technology  is a virtual and interactive platform that has short videos that is accessible by your phone, laptop or iPad. It’s a program that would also have daily reporting sent via text or email so that business owners can hold their staff accountable. I believe that in-order to have an effective training you need these for Keys.

1. Good Content 

2. Accountability 

3. Repetition

4. Practice and Role play  

The Retail University can also help the average person start a retail business, online or brick mortar and has a step-by-step strategies that I’ve used to scale my business from zero to 100 million. 

Website www.TheRetailUniversity.com

Social Media @theretailunivetsity 

Founded by AJ Asmar” 

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