Steven Cyr’s Surgical Techniques Deliver Beauty and Longevity

Aesthetic surgical procedures are delicate and complex. For this reason, only experienced and competent hands can be trusted with such procedures to get the most desired natural-looking results. The success of any cosmetic surgery lies in its naturalistic look, which makes it difficult to identify as a sculpted art. Given these stringent expectations, many surgeons fail to deliver to specifics; thus, patients are left to grapple with embarrassment from the shoddy craftsmanship. Dr. Steven Cyr stands out in this surgery field as someone with over 20 years of experience. He is known for offering his patients the most aesthetic and natural results.

Dr. Steven Cyr has gained mastery of two complex areas of surgery, cosmetic surgery and spine surgery. In 1992, Dr. Steven Cyr got into medical school with a U.S Air force scholarship. He chose the most complex and intimidating stream of spine surgery and became the only awardee of the single fellowship at Mayo Clinic that year. Dr. Cyr later served as the chief of spine surgery in the Air Force and as a spine surgery consultant to the Surgeon General of the Air Force. He has successfully performed the most complex procedures on the spine and musculoskeletal system. 

With his success as a renowned spine surgeon, many patients requested him to perform aesthetic procedures. Flowing from this incessant request, he considered looking into the practice of aesthetic surgery. However, he realized the industry gap and patients’ struggle to find someone competent and reliable. Dr. Cyr underwent extensive training under an experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr. Wilbur Hah, who holds a triple doctorate and is the President of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. He further enrolled in cosmetic surgery courses to polish his skills to become the trusted surgeon he is today.

Dr. Cyr has discovered flaws in the acclaimed high-definition lipo-sculptures that made human anatomies look artificial or sculpted. To resolve this problem, Dr. Cyr developed his surgical procedure known as “OrthoSculp.” As a fitness enthusiast and bodybuilder, Dr. Cyr understands the patients’ pain points, preferences, and desires; thus, OrthoSculp, a unique approach to cosmetic surgery, is bridging this gap. Through this procedure, Dr. Cyr offers the most natural-looking sculpted body to athletic and body-building patients or ones with similar body structures. OrthoSculp has a keen eye for details that he mimics the natural build, making it tough to differentiate between a sculpted bodybuild from a gym and one created through surgery. 

With the growing popularity of OrthoSculp, Dr. Cyr began exploring new frontiers and innovative techniques in the aesthetic industry. Dr. Cyr realized that nutrition plays a crucial role in a healthy-looking body. Nutrition-deprived people struggle with getting glowing skin or a strong body with perfect features. So he launched his nutrition and skincare line, besides being a practicing spine and cosmetic surgeon. CYRx MD Nutrition is pivotal in nourishing the body to give natural, healthy-looking, glowing skin. CYRx MD Skincare by Dr. Cyr combines the power of science and nature to bring back the youthful radiance to the skin. 

Besides being a renowned spine and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Steven Cyr is also a remarkable guide and teacher, creating a new generation of competent surgeons. He has been an assistant professor of surgery at the Uniformed Services University for the Health Sciences. In addition, Dr. Cyr has trained many orthopedic residents and physician assistants during his fellowship. 

Dr. Steven Cyr looks forward to helping more people regain their confidence with the most natural-looking beautiful face and body. He also wants to leverage his unique skills and years of experience to guide aspiring surgeons to perform successful cosmetic and spine surgeries.

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