Celebrity Influencer and Entrepreneur Desiree Schlotz Launches Sustainable Swimwear Brand – Celestial Swim

Where the Starlight Meets the Ocean 

Model and entrepreneur Desiree Schlotz and her business partner Jessica Ghishan are planning a lot of big moves for their sustainable and spiritual swimwear brand, Celestial Swim. By Roxy 

If you look to the horizon, there’s a special place where the starlight meets the ocean. And for just a second, the infinite depth of space seems relatable and human as it touches the same water that we see every day. The lines between magic, spirituality, and humanity start to blur together, each drop of starlight meeting its earthly counterpart. It was this very phenomenon that inspired model and entrepreneur Desiree Schlotz and her business partner Jessica Ghishan to start Celestial Swim. 

With blessings from the stars themselves, Desiree and Jessica set out to create a brand that could weave these powerful, magnetic energies into fabrics fit for divinity. Each bikini set in the brand’s current collection draws inspiration from different celestial entities and goddesses from around the world. Inspired by the Yoruban Goddess of generosity, love, sensuality, and femininity, the Oshun set compels its wearer to channel energies full of generosity, gratitude, love, and light. The Rhea set, inspired by the Greek Titaness of flow, motherhood, and harmony, harnesses the power of alignment. The Greek Goddess of Communication truly expresses herself in Celestial Swim’s Iris set, which reminds its wearer of the importance of self-expression and kindness toward others. Lastly, the all-powerful Gaia set manifests its wearer’s connection to the earth and the present moment. 

“Our ethereal collection is our staple collection,” writes Desiree. “These pieces showcase how our brand is timeless; we wanted to come out with a collection that could really express to people the fundamental blueprint of Celestial Swim. Once we start new collections, we will also be integrating a travel aspect!” 

As the earth rotates, and each star meets a different ocean, it is only fitting that Celestial Swim also draws inspiration from different locations. Each new collection of swimwear will be based on a different destination anywhere from Southeast Asia to the Mediterranean to South America to the Middle East. 

“We are looking to go worldwide, hopefully next year,” continues Desiree. “We are already working on our next collection which will be inspired by a specific Asian country,” 

With a few campaign shoots and distributions in the works for expansion to Asia, Celestial Swim is sure to spread its magic around the world. In an effort to truly create positive energy, Desiree and Jessica make sure that their pieces are beneficial not only to the wearer, but to the ocean itself. With this mission in mind, they managed to source eco-friendly dyes, fabrics,

and packaging that upcycle ocean waste such as nylon fishing nets and discarded plastic bottles. Their kind efforts toward ocean conservation are a gentle reminder of the very real forms of magic that exist on Earth. A true example of spinning straw into gold, Celestial Swim’s ability to turn ocean waste into durable, high-quality pieces is nothing short of supernatural!

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