Meet the inventive sneaker influencer and entrepreneur of the US, Chris Robinson.

Even after achieving so much with his sneaker store, Chris Robinson can’t wait to go all out there in the sneaker markets to attain exponential success.

There are a set of people who believe in following the set rules in life for attaining their desired success, while there are some others who believe in challenging the status quo, cross boundaries and create a unique path for themselves to get near their goals and visions in life. People can become successful if they put in more than 100% in whatever they choose to do in life, but only a few ago ahead in becoming visionaries in their respective fields. Showing all signs of becoming one of the greats in the sneaker world is one such young talent named Chris Robinson, aka SB Collector, whose name has been surfacing across the industry the most, thanks to his never say die attitude, consistent efforts and resilience to attain success, come what may. There is a reason why Chris Robinson has been making it huge since a decade in the industry and we can’t wait to know more about his life and his career as a sneakerhead.

Chris Robinson hails from Long Branch, NJ, but his success has garnered him attention from other parts of the US as well. His love for fashion and sneakers grew right since his early days and from then, it became his absolute purpose to make a career in the same and create a successful life for himself. Little did the young talent know that life would actually offer him endless opportunities to flourish in the industry and make him an influential business personality and an owner of a sneaker store in the US.

He opened his first store in 2007 called ‘Addicted Sole’, which in 2009 got closed down. However, in 2011, he opened his current store in Long Branch, NJ and has already worked the way to the top in around a decade of being in the industry. The kind of knowledge and expertise Chris Robinson has attained over the years is because of the passion and consistency with which he has worked each day. Ask him what makes him stand apart from others in the industry and the young talent quickly replies, “My love for sample pairs.” He says that sample pairs are those that the brands work on before releasing the actual shoe. These pairs are different from the actual ones and hence, are more sought-after and valuable in the market. Sometimes, these shoes also get scrapped and sometimes, he has the only pair in existence.

Also, Chris Robinson believes that what has kept him unique in the sneaker industry is that he takes sneakers way more seriously than most of the collectors in the industry. He looks at sneakers as a piece of art and not just an article of clothing. Apart from sneakers, Chris Robinson’s other passions include travel, food, exercise, and sneaker hunting. Chris Robinson works harder each day to achieve all his life goals, which are to get his net worth to $5 million, buying a Rolls Royce truck, and getting them customized the ceiling to the constellations.

He is the owner of branded Skateshop and is raring to soon dominate the world of SB sneaker collecting. Follow him now on Instagram @sbcollector to know more.

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