‘NYC Smile Design’ has become one of the leading dental care facilities in the US.

Run by renowned dentist duo Dr Ramin Tabib and Dr Elisa Mello, it has its client base spread across the globe. 

Since past three decades these eminent personalities who are well established dental professionals have been leading the industry with their exceptional work which has got them a huge base of clients, each one of whom vouches for their distinct and unique work which gives fantastic results. They have refined their art since the past few decades which has made them one of the best one can get. Established in the year 1994, NYC Smile Design (NYCSD) has been known for its modern approach which makes them the best in business. The dental care center is not only visited by commoners from far off places but also celebrities, who completely rely on Dr Ramin Tabib and Dr Elisa Mello’s expertise to give them that desirable look which they have always wanted.

What makes their dental firm different from others is their up to date methodologies which are always a step ahead. “we have tried to constantly upgrade ourselves through the years and have succeeded to a great extent. We have invested in experience, professional development and education rather than spending on advertising and marketing, and we are still standing strong for the past many years,” says Dr. Tabib. The team of doctors who work for NYCSD are specialists in their area of work like orthodontics, implant dentistry, tmj, periodontics and cosmetics. Each have in-depth knowledge about their respective areas of work which gives the patients utmost care and detailed treatment which is not possible elsewhere. 

During their initial days of operation three decades back, the dentist duo had to face a lot of setbacks as they had to start from scratch and build up the whole practice from ground zero. Their dedication and positive attitude to make their practice sustain throughout the bad times made them emerge as one of the best dental professionals in the region, and today they stand taller than most of their contemporaries who are nowhere close to them as regards their professional success. 

Having attained much success both the renowned doctors have their future plan ready. They want to dedicate themselves in training young dentists five years down the line and ignite the fire in them to achieve the impossible, like themselves. 

To know more about the dynamic dentist duo and their dental care center, visit http://www.nycsmiledesign.com.

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