Ja’Monti Wright is the young basketball sensation who is out to create history.

His passion for the game of basketball has made him emerge as one of the best in the sport.

The sports world has seen many young athletes who have proved themselves with their exceptional playing skills, and Ja’Monti Wright is one of them who has done wonders and topped in the sport amazingly well. This young basketball sensation from Louisville, Kentucky, has emerged as one of the best in sports in recent times having done exceptionally well in the 2021 Louisville Invitational Tournament. From almost an unknown name to a phenomenal player, he has come a long way. 

Ja’Monti has seen the game from close quarters since his early days of growing up in Louisville, KY, as his uncle Kyle Hampton Jr. and cousin Jomari Bradshaw were the local basketball stars in the neighborhood. He grew up watching them play and learn the nitty-gritties of the sport. His great grandfathers backyard was the place where he started practicing the sport and developed deep interest towards it. One of the biggest reasons for him to pursue this sport was that his mother was also an athlete and she motivated him to go for it, even training him on many occasions. Things started getting serious when he realized that this is what he wanted to follow and make a career out of. He tried to secure his place in the basketball team in the 6th grade, but got rejected due his weight and also for the fact that he turned in his school physical paperwork after the deadline. These setbacks didn’t deter him from running after his dreams and he went all the way to polish his physical condition by training daily and spending hours on the basketball court practicing the sport. 

His journey towards a successful basketball career started from his 7th grade when he was selected and even hit the winning shot that won him much attention that led to him getting invited to visit Montverde Academy in Montverde, Florida, and even join the academy. His mother was not comfortable with the idea of him staying alone in a campus environment and so he had to return to finish his high school back in his hometown. 

One thing led to other and after playing a number of matches and scoring healthy points, Wright finally made his mark in the 2021 Louisville Invitational Tournament by showing his prowess and becoming the most prominent player who is now looked upon as the next big thing in the world of basketball.

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