Gavin Mayo’s ‘Luxury Equities’ is topping the stock market arena in a big way.

It has emerged as the most looked up and genuine stock trading learning opportunity on Discord.

Gavin Mayo, at 19 years, has become a successful trader and educator at such young age, and his reach has expanded well beyond expectations. What’s life without a bit of risk, says the young trader who has mastered the art of trading and has today established his own brand by the name ‘Luxury Equities’ which has made its distinct mark in the stock niche. This Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, bred young lad has been interested in stocks since a young age and started his stint as a trader at the age of 13. “I started learning about stock market by watching YouTube videos and trying my luck on stocks. By the end of my term, I started getting serious on mastering the subject of trading and learnt the minutest details which would help me in my career as a stock trader.” But life had other plans for him as he was also passionate about getting a scholarship to compete at a high level Division 1 school for swimming. To concentrate more on his sports career, his trading career took a backseat.

As the pandemic struck big time last year and made the world come to a screeching halt, Gavin, with lots of time in his hands started his trading endeavours again, profiting unbelievably this time. He also mastered some trading strategies which gave consistent results and with time he went on to transition from a trader to an online educator who struck the right chords with those who trained under him. “at present I run one of the largest stock Discord’s in the entire world which has more than 50,000 members. There is a lot to learn about the stock market and its free of cost,” says the ace trader and educator. They are known to have a direct connect with each of their members giving them support at every step till they master the art of trading and are on their own. 

To know more, follow Gavin on his social media:

Tiktok: gavin_mayo

Instagram: gavin_mayo

Youtube: Gavin Mayo

Twitter: Gavin_Mayo6

Snapchat: gavin_mayo

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