Australia’s largest E-commerce pro, Bryce Monkivitch tells all about how to be a true entrepreneur:

It had been a bit of a rocky start for business tycoon Bryce Monkivitch. But for a man built for success, a couple of pitfalls along the way are not a problem at all. In the years 2017 and 2018, he started a business selling dog hats online through the platform of Facebook and Instagram. Using a supplier for the hats from Alibaba, the online marketplace. 

When the hype of this item died off, he ventured into selling trendy fashion to women, creating an online store on the platform Shopify using $5,000 he had saved from doing freelance concrete work. This new business got the ball rolling and fortunately, it hasn’t stopped even today. 

Some of the incredible things he has done so far are –

2019: Built two apps; to manage staff and micro workers. The online system he created, provides job opportunities to thousands of people all around the world, along with providing the opportunity for people to learn new skills using the online learning modules and training. 

2017- present: built (and currently working on making it soar higher) an online fashion empire (Sincere Sally). He has also joined hands with his sister Joy to be able to share the workload and expand their market. 

2009-2011: Professional MMA fighter 

2020: Bryce purchased his first home on the Sunshine Coast within 6 months into 2020. Being able to own his own homemade him find success in his work and social life. 

2021: Mentioned in Forbes.

When we asked how he has managed to keep himself afloat and remain successful all this time, he said that good consistent business, having patience with everything he puts in place and not scaling too fast is what has personally allowed Bryce to take things at a pace which allow him to be involved as well as profitable.

Bryce is all for having strong bonds with your business partners, and your staff. “At the end of the day, communication is key. And respecting and looking out for others will always help you succeed and have a good reputation”, he says. 

A piece of advice he wishes to give aspiring businessmen, and he wishes someone had given him at the start of his career is “Don’t take time for granted and push yourself as hard as you can, so that you can keep growing and staying in front of trends.”

His business goals are to: Build more brands, build Sincere Sally into the next leading online fashion brand. Build his micro workers app into a revolutionary platform that hires 1000’s more people and also teaches them the tools of their craft with learning material. Invest in property around the world; Travel, meet like-minded people. Cruise around the world and do good things and involve himself with awesome people.

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