Behind NYC Luxury is dream duo Izzy A and Gavriel D:

NYC Luxury is a renowned jewellery boutique in New York City for its exclusive collection of watches and jewellery. It is a one-stop destination for celebrities and hip-hop stars and sports personalities for high-end jewellery, timepieces and diamond-studded exclusive pieces of custom jewellery. 

Most of the time, their customers come back again and again to their shop. It’s not the shop attracting them or the goods, but what really attracts them to come back, again and again, is the service provided by the person attending them, while they have visited. That’s the reason why it is said the customer service plays a great role in your business. And this customer service is given by the salesperson, who is also the Co-founder, Izzy A. 

NYC Luxury has been lucky, as it has Izzy to deal with all the customers. He has the quality and technique to attract the customers to return back and the jewellery has its own craze. These diamond gold and watches are so attractive that these celebrity clients love to have them. 

However, life wasn’t always so glamorous for Izzy A. It all changed one day when he met his childhood friend Gavriel D, who is currently the other co-founder of NYC Luxury. 

Gavriel, similar to Izzy, started his journey from the streets of the diamond district of New York City in the year 2009. He started working as a flyer boy. He does not have any relations or any other known in the jewellery industry. But his passion and hunger for becoming successful have motivated him to start up his own business. And today he is one of the most successful jewellery businessman and owner of the most famous jewellery boutique called the NYC Luxury. He has gained fame due to his standard of quality and vision for the future. If it wasn’t for him, the world wouldn’t have ever known NYC Luxury and neither would have Izzy A been able to earn a name for himself!

As of now, Izzy A has experience working in the district as a jewellery designer for over 11 years. With each day passing, he has improved his craft to become a famous designer. His works have made him a well-known jeweller today in the Diamond District. His custom-made jewellery pieces stood out among the rest, making him a force to be reckoned with in the game. Apart from this, he is also an excellent salesman and since 2017, Izzy has been responsible for looking after all daily operations at the NYC Luxury jewellery store.

There is a lot more to expect from Izzy and Gavriel, so stay updated with NYC Luxury on:



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