Suzanne Soliman is the Chief Academic Officer for the Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs (ACMA). A business that sets standards and a benchmark of excellence through certification for pharma companies on the competencies that their teams should have when interacting with healthcare providers. She grew up in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. She was the oldest of 3 children and had over 50 first cousins between her father and mother’s sides. Mentioning about her parents, she says that her father was an engineer with an MBA and her mother was a nurse/hairdresser and homemaker.

From an early age, Suzanne always knew she wanted to be a pharmacist and she wanted to make a change for the profession of pharmacy and lead pharmacist. Now, she is a pharmacist by training. Academically, she completed a residency in primary care with an emphasis on education at Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy and a teaching fellowship at UIC College of Medicine. She is a board-certified medical affairs specialist (BCMAS).

Apart from that Dr Soliman is also a full-time wife and mother. She has five children- one girl and four boys. Her husband is a CEO and thus their lifestyle is very busy. She has always been an excellent student throughout her life. She scored A always and even topped during graduation. She says that she loved her school life more than anything.

One evening, Suzanne Soliman started a group on Facebook called the Pharmacist Moms Group (PhMG). The group grew at a rapid rate and within a month had 1000 members. Today they have over 35,000 members in total and is the largest organization of pharmacists in the United States. Women pharmacists have been the majority of graduates for the past 40 years and up until PhMG was formed, there was never an organization dedicated exclusively to women pharmacists.

As an optimistic human, Suzanne has changed a lot since the initiation of her career. She believes that she is much older and wiser now and also her thought process has changed considerably. Dr Soliman has over 100 publications and presents nationally on pharmacy, parenting and women issues. She is a Rufus A. Lyman award recipient which is granted for the best manuscript published in the American Journal of Pharmacy Education and in 2019, she was a recipient of the Next Generation Pharmacist Civic Leader Award.

You can check out Dr Suzanne’s website for more information: 

Website/URL- http://www.drsuzannesoliman.com

To stay updated about Dr Suzanne Soliman, follow her on social media (links are given below): 

LinkedIn URL- https://www.linkedin.com/in/suzannerabi/

Facebook URL- https://www.facebook.com/drsuzannesoliman

Instagram URL- https://www.instagram.com/drsuzannesoliman/

TikTok URL- https://www.tiktok.com/@drsuzannesoliman?lang=en

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