Introducing Alexandra Squire Fine Art, which is created to become synonymous with accessible fine art. The owner of it is Alexandra Squire who aimed for people to feel less intimidated by the art world. She wants to portray something that is relatable and welcoming. She believes that the art world profits from its reputation of being exclusive but her work is meant to be inclusive. She says “I would love to see a line of plate ware, vases, or other home goods. When people hear “Alexander Squire Fine Art” I want them to think of something that is fun, vibrant, and has a place in every home.” 

She aims in maintaining the “fine art” aspect of her work but also sees the importance of making it available to people for everyday display. While she embraces techniques and inspiration that come from generations of abstract artists, Alexandra is also proud that she had found a style that is unique to her. She wants the readers and collectors to know what her art depicts and portrays. She also wants them to find meaning in the things that are unique to them. 

Her dedication to her work is notable. She uses the highest quality materials, and also spend a great deal of time thinking about my work, planning how it will come together, and executing her plan. She mentions that nothing about it is careless or unintentional. She wants her audience to know how seriously she takes her work and how committed she is to growth and evolution.

She believes that her story isn’t unique or special, but is a testament to “what can happen when you believe in yourself and trust your gut.” She also says “I knew I would kick myself if I didn’t pursue this path, and it was the right decision for me. Creating art isn’t easy. There are days I want to throw paintings out the windows and there have definitely been times it would be easier to walk away, but I knew that wasn’t my path. Every day I give thanks that I am able to make a living doing what I love. I believe that when you are grateful for what you have, you make space for even more in your life.”

Alexandra still has a lot more talent to express and many parts of her individuality she wishes to explore through art. If you want to know more about Alexandra Squire and her fine artwork you can check out her social media handle (link down below)




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