British Model Bonnie Locket makes it huge on social media, let’s hear about her experiences so far:

Bonnie Locket is a 32-year-old British actress, singer, and model, who has starred in the UK tour of “High School Musical.” She has also appeared in a sizzling Ann Summers campaign. Bonnie has a property business where she rents rooms to tenants in Surrey. She has a webcam modelling agency, as well, where she recruits models for webcam modelling. She is quite an entrepreneur as Bonnie also runs a successful dance agency. Bonnie began an OnlyFans account in mid-March 2020, and earned over $400k in just eight months, putting her in the top 0.06% of creators worldwide within a year. As of now she is in the top 0.01% and has attained huge success since the beginning of her journey.

This British beauty loves supercars. You heard it right. Her first big purchase was a Lamborghini Gallardo with a price tag of over $100,000. That’s not all! She has also owned a Mercedes AMG GTS Edition One, and her current baby: a Ferrari California T, which she bought with her OnlyFans income. Bonnie loves the feeling of driving a fast car that symbolizes her growing success

Earlier in her career, she began modelling via webcam. Soon into the business, Bonnie realized the earning potential when her fanbase exploded in a short time. That is when she bought the Lamborghini to treat herself. She went from living in a 3-bedroom penthouse to a beautiful barn conversion in Surrey. The moves inspired a love of property management, which has translated to owning four rentals so far. We can surely look forward to seeing a lot more of Bonnie in the future. She has plans to widen her digital presence, provide fresh content to her fans, and prioritise incorporating her keen sense of humour into her content.

To Bonnie, having the support of her friends, family, pets and fans mean a lot of they support her emotionally. “I don’t know where I’d be without my sweet dogs,” she says. When it comes to giving advice to others starting out in the business, Bonnie’s advice is short and sweet; to be yourself in and out without worrying about being accepted in society.

Bonnie Locket is on her way to becoming the next big internet sensation. She has already bewitched many with her charms and talents and if you’d like to be next on that ever-expanding list of ardent followers, check her out on her:





YouTube (Sidemen Sunday)-

Reddit (18+)-



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