Kartik Anand, a successful Entrepreneur, shares his story:

Kartik Anand founded and is the Executive Chairman of Kings Group Ventures LLC. Many business verticals are under the Kings Group Ventures (KGV). It provides services such as content curation and marketing services to countless IT companies globally. There is also a high-tech dry cleaning and laundry business under KGV. Besides this, KGV entered the automobile sector and deals with premium car models which were previously owned. He further added, “Foraying into the food industry was something I always wanted to do. I turned my food passion into crafting unique artisanal pizzas that are widely savoured today Internationally. With this in tow and our thriving dairy business, we aim to create a niche in the food and beverage industry.”

Kartik spilt the secrets of being a successful entrepreneur. Everyone is aware of the fact that entrepreneurship requires you to make and manage risky and calculated decisions. However, you also need to embrace the concept of failure. It does not imply giving up early. Failures should be seen as an opportunity to make yourself better in order to avoid them in future. This helps you to learn and grow. Business management is a repetitive process where you will get new opportunities as well as difficulties. Kartik also speaks on how his team and he evaluate such situations in order to manage them better so that his business keeps growing. “As a leader, I have focused on guiding the business trajectory, including all aspects from funding, strategy, resourcing & foremost – ensuring an employee-friendly culture”, said he.

Kartik had established XDBS back in the year 2011. He started out with five employees and currently, he has companies all over North America, EMEA, and JAPAC markets. Along their journey, they have achieved many milestones and have been awarded prestigious awards which further motivated them to learn and grow every day. In fact, one of their major career highlights includes the titles of “Top 100 Tech Companies Founded by Indians in the US” and “Best Startups to Work for” by Silicon India.  In 2015, they even won the Silver Stevie award in regards to sales and customer service. “I was personally awarded the Times Man of the Year Pune 2018 (Information Technology) and Times Pune Visionaries for 2018 & 2019”, added Kartik.

There is a lot more to know about Kartik Anand and his several ventures. If you wish to take a closer look, check out the links mentioned below:






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