MetaMonkeysNFT Is the Emerging Platform For Overall Growth and Personal Development

Most successful entrepreneurs around the world are focused individuals who have identified their strengths and utilized them for their gain. Self-development is an ongoing process that helps individuals set goals and improve their skills. This might take a lifetime for people to figure out, but with professional guidance, self-development becomes a journey of learning and exploration that consistently adds value to your life. Jacob Canales and Anthony Del Rio are among those educators who are on a mission to make a difference in the world by positively impacting millions of lives. The duo co-founded MetaMonkeysNFT, the first NFT project that allows access to an online educational platform to guide a person’s financial, physical, mental, and spiritual growth. 

MetaMonkeys NFT was created to inspire a generation of young talents to live the life of their dreams without relying on a 9 to 5 job. Anthony and Jacob are two successful entrepreneurs in their respective areas of online business. They have created this platform to share their hard-earned knowledge and experiences with people to help them generate a source of income online. MetaMonkeysNFT is focused on assisting hustlers in finding an alternative to the traditional path to success without living on paychecks. All holders of MetaMonkeysNFT are allowed complete access to in-person events and AMA live sessions on the platform conducted by Jacob and Anthony. 

Anthony conducts live “Ask me anything” sessions on MetaMonkeys to teach people how to quit their jobs and find financial freedom with an online business. He shares proven strategies to start and scale up a business with Amazon by selling products. Jacob teaches people about running Facebook ads for other businesses as a successful revenue-driving venture. This way, people not only earn by helping others but can also scale up their own businesses through Facebook ads. 

Jacob has invested over 6-figures in Facebook ads so far to earn returns at 6% revenue from all his clients. He started his online venture with a dropshipping store on Shopify at the age of 16 and turned it into a 5-figure monthly earning venture. His success story was featured in the Huffington Post. Jacob has also helped to sell numerous NFT projects on the blockchain. With MetaMonkeysNFT, Jacob has found a way to share his experiences and strategies with people to help them follow in his footsteps. 

MetaMonkeys NFT aims to teach the younger generation all the essential stuff needed in life that is missing from the school curriculum. With this initiative, MetaMonkeys wants to emerge as an alternative platform for budding talents to chase their dreams without following the traditional path of pursuing a 9 to 5 job. The whole concept behind MetaMonkeys is helping individuals grow in all aspects of their lives. For this, the platform is designed to educate people on varied subjects involving business and personal development like Amazon, Shopify, Facebook ads, crypto, real estate, mindset, and fitness. 

Anthony and Jacob also bring top-level entrepreneurs on board to the platform who also hold MetaMonkeys NFT to share their experiences. This motivates people to learn from their real-life experiences and investment strategies. The co-founders at MetaMonkeys are planning to organize more events around the world and in schools to help people learn about alternative earning methods online, ditching their 9 to 5 jobs. Through this initiative, MetaMonkeys is looking forward to building a community of talented people who will share their knowledge with others to make an impact globally.

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