Shane Jordan’s Life Story

The start of any journey begins with a single step. For Shane Jordan, it all started 20 years ago. By believing in his craft and remaining focused, Jordan has become a popular name in the entertainment industry and others alike. He is a best-selling author, actor, political consultant, digital marketing strategist, and philanthropist.

Jordan has co-authored the national best-selling humor book Wear the Damn Mask, a book in which his dog, Izzy the Frenchie, goes about her fashionable and fabulous day while wearing a mask. He notes that it was inspired by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. One of the preventive measures enforced due to COVID-19 is the wearing of a mask. However, as it was something new, the majority were not used to the change, causing resistance, and some people began to make a fuss about it. According to Shane Jordan, knowing they risked exposing themselves and those around them, too, he came up with the idea to write the book out of frustration.

Together with Rick Hendrix, Jordan delivered the message in a fun and humorous way, which saw the book attract a lot of attention. The two are currently working on another book together, which, as stated by Jordan, is due to release soon. He further goes on to state that it will again feature Izzy the Frenchie in the new book.

In addition to this, Jordan is helping launch a crypto coin called Petcoin. Among the problems animal shelters face are overcrowding and limited resources. Jordan explains that, with Petcoin, they aim to help rescue centers and animal shelters handle the ever-growing problems and ensure the care of the animals.

When asked about one of the biggest challenges he has faced, Jordan notes it was difficult to launch his career in the entertainment industry considering the high competition. Being a member of a minority also made it extremely difficult. “Being gay was not always acceptable and was sometimes frowned upon,” says Shane Jordan. To establish his spot, Jordan had to work twice as hard while still facing ridicule.

However, he didn’t give up on his passion for acting. He says he overcame this by finding his tribe and surrounding himself with like-minded people. He started associating with people who uphold equality and love people for who they are.

His advice is to work hard, be persistent, and have a plan. “Decide what you want your life to look like five to ten years from now and start working toward that,” says Jordan. “While it might not work out today, never give up. Keep striving to get what you want and believe in yourself.”Almost 20 years ago, Shane Jordan was just a young dreamer fueled by his passion for acting. Years down the line, he is living his dream and has even expanded his capabilities. His exemplary work has not gone unnoticed. Jordan was awarded the People’s Choice Webby Award for Best Internet Content 2020. Their book Wear the Damn Mask equally landed number two on Nielsen BookScan. As he continues to flourish, he proves that if one dares to pursue their dreams, they can make them a reality.

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