Dean Miller Is Helping CEOs and Agents Build Their Brand on Social Media

Failures and obstacles are part of every journey that leads to success. However, with the right guidance and coach, these hits can be minimized to a great extent. This is where seasoned entrepreneur and business guide Dean Miller is making a mark. The 53-year-old entrepreneur is leveraging his years of knowledge and experience working in various industries to help people and businesses increase their visibility on the internet. He currently owns and operates The Beacon Realty Group, a real estate agency, and The Business Beacon, a public relations and marketing company. 

Dean Miller ventured into entrepreneurship at the age of 16 with a DJ business. He later worked 9 to 5 at the data center of a multinational financial services company. Dean eventually climbed his way to international sales in the company where he was responsible for the distribution of credit card security features. The job helped him acquire a profound knowledge of sales and marketing, which he utilized to venture into real estate. 

In 1997, Dean started as a real estate sales person and eventually ended up owning several real estate franchises. He also became an investor in some promising tech start-ups and some of the biggest real estate projects that generated huge returns. Following his interest in hospitality, community, and food, Dean also opened a lavish restaurant in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan. 

As part of the real estate industry, Dean discovered that agents still used the age-old method of transactional businesses that badly needed a digital boost. He wanted all the agents working for his real estate company, The Beacon Realty Group, to build their own brand through social media connections. This way, they would no longer remain stuck to individual transactions but build a scalable business of their own. He wanted agents to develop valuable relationships in the areas where they operated so they could be more discoverable to those seeking to buy or sell properties. 

To take this initiative further, Dean founded his next company, The Business Beacon. Initially, it was a social media marketing agency completely focused on helping real estate agents build a brand on the internet. With the success of the agents who eventually became true entrepreneurs, The Business Beacon expanded its services to the mortgage industry, insurance, hospitality, local small businesses, business coaches, and public figures. 

Unlike other media marketing companies operating in this field, The Business Beacon managed to stand out in its personalized approach to clients. The media company not only guides people onto the camera but creates the right message that reaches a highly-targeted audience. Whether it is paid or just implementing organic video, the company has never failed to generate the desired response for clients. From local communities to a wider demographic, The Business Beacon can create a brand for any business or individual that will have enduring value. 

Dean is also an experienced business coach who doesn’t want aspiring entrepreneurs to chase profit. He believes that chasing knowledge and opportunities will yield more revenue and better experience than focusing only on profit. This adds to his unique marketing strategies that have helped several businesses go from local to global. When asked about his plans for the long-term, Dean says he wants to continue guiding new business owners to create fulfilling careers while also assisting them in building a brand on the internet.

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