Real Estate Guru Levi Lascsak Shares His Top Wisdom for Content Creation

With its widespread adoption, social media has become an integral part of any marketing campaign. Brands and corporations are reviewing their strategies to leverage the millions of social media users. Influencers and digital marketers are among the people leading the pack, guiding various brands in diverse industries.

The impact is visible in the many brands that have increased their figures thanks to their proactive digital marketing strategies. But on the flip side, businesses and companies can also earn more revenue from the marketing content they create. Real estate mogul and experienced content creator Levi Lascsak has mastered the art of monetizing content, creating more income for his brand.

Levi and his partner Travis Plumb are the founders of Living in Dallas Texas, a top real estate company helping individuals achieve their real estate goals. He has built an indispensable brand largely by producing content on YouTube and attending conferences. A significant number of his clients are drawn from social media, making him millions as YouTube revenue.

“We attend conferences, and people recognize us from the content we share on YouTube. And so that is just more of an organic approach. We’ve definitely expanded the brand and the organic reach of people watching us. We’ve also helped other agents now grow their businesses, and we have people that are now producing their own business from YouTube channels that we’ve been able to help just within the past few months,” Levi explains.

Since he made this move, Levi attests that it’s been a pretty smooth ride so far for the brand. But success also comes with numerous challenges, and Levi and the team are no exception. It hasn’t been a hundred percent smooth, but there hasn’t been anything major. This is because Levi believes in tackling every problem independently and as they arise. At this level, the challenge is relatively small and can be easily handled rather than procrastinating and waiting for it to compound and build up. The biggest challenges have been some of the good sides of all the recognition. The downside has been that some people have been in the game for quite a while and are not happy with Living in Dallas Texas’ rapid growth.  

However, their reservations have not harmed Levi and the team. “We don’t wait for somebody to give us anything, we get on Google, and we can get on YouTube. The answers are out there. And if we get stuck on something, we act on that and try to solve that problem as quickly as possible. And before it even, you know, blows up into something bigger, we’ve been able to tackle it,” Levi asserts.

Levi advises every young mind out there to identify what their passion is and, if possible, pursue a course of interest. A marketer can scale, bring business inbound, and grow from there. He emphasizes adopting a different mindset as that’s what he has learned from others.

Moving forward, the goal is to hit a billion dollars in sales in the next five years. They have just surpassed 104 million in the first year, and he is optimistic about hitting the target in no time.

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