Taking the Entrepreneurial World to the Next Level With His Innate Ideas and Concepts Is a Passionate Professional, Gentry Chidester.

Making a strong foothold in the super niche high-ticket sales sector is Gentry Chidester, the CEO of Elite Closers. 

The last couple of decades has seen the rise and emergence of many new young and passionate entrepreneurs who have mesmerized the world with their innovative ideas, work ethics, and deliverance of desired results on a consistent basis over a short span of time. Be it be any industry or sector; the current era of entrepreneurs have been a notch higher and have explored many different ways to make their venture successful. Be it the Retail industry, IT sector, Healthcare industry, entertainment industry, Trading industry or any other niche, many young guns have stepped on the pedal and made a remarkable name and place for themselves. Let’s read about one such ace entrepreneur who has taken giant strides across the online realm and has established himself as one of the most seek and sought-after entrepreneurs in the current world, Gentry Chidester,

Gentry Chidester was highly inclined towards becoming a doctor in his life. But life had some other plans for him and eventually he made colossal success in the high-ticket sales sector thereby gaining a lot of recognition and fame. Growing up in a family of nine with tight funds, his parents had him working at the age of 12, cleaning pools to “pay for the extra things” like movies, clothes and sports. At a young age, Chidester realized the importance of financial freedom and knew he never wanted to be stuck working to just get by. At 20 years of age, His girlfriend, Andrea, now wife, became pregnant, and Gentry had to re-think about his strategies in life and now also look upon his family. He soon started Working two full-time jobs to provide for his family, working 18-hour days making phone sales for Comcast and online health coaching, slogging with the hope of achieving financial freedom. Gentry then got introduced to high-ticket online sales and since then there has been no looking back for him. Finding a lot of interest in the niche sector, he learned the tips and tricks of the business and soon became a master. Earning more than he could ever imagine by becoming a doctor, Gentry now makes 3–6K through online coaching programs and has achieved five times his income in 30 days. He has since done over 10K high-ticket consultations and over 35 million dollars in sales in 3 years. 

Gentry is the CEO of “Elite Closers” which is a one of a kind versatile company helping entrepreneurs become 6-figure sales professionals. Elite Closers help high-ticket closers become the top 1% in the business, leading to success. Gentry also helps high-ticket entrepreneurs find, hire, and train the top 1% sales talent out there. He also holds an impressive record in high-ticket online sales, having done over 35 million dollars in sales. Gentry has also managed and led multiple 7–8 figure sales teams, guiding them to success.  At 24 years of age, Gentry has already trained several sales teams, earning seven to eight figures. To date, Chidester has helped many people enter the high-ticket remote sales industry with his proven sales strategies.

Gentry says that “there are no limits to what you can achieve, and you can be great if you choose to be. In addition, taking control and taking action in your own life is essential to creating your success. He firmly believes there is a path to get what you want; you need to be willing to look in places that may be uncommon.” Gentry wishes to help other individuals who feel trapped, learn, help them get into the remote closing industry, and get his company, Elite Closers, onto the Forbes 30 under 30 list.

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