Author George Jones on the Pillars of Good Parenting

The advent of technology has made life easier, with groceries at your door and a plumber on a call, but this has also made parenting equally difficult. As parents are increasingly busy, they find it challenging to be present for their kids when they truly need them. Good parenting not only builds a healthy relationship between parents and their children but also acts as the building block for the child’s personality, life choices, and overall conduct. George Jones, a father, motivational speaker, and international bestselling author, is on a mission to help parents realize their role in their kids’ lives. His book The Present Dad reveals the seven pillars of good parenting to help anyone become the parent every child desires. 

George grew up without a father, battling extreme poverty and surviving in an environment rife with violence and crime. As a child, he was physically abused, and that experience scarred him for quite a long time. It wasn’t until George reached middle school that he met a positive male figure. With time, he continued to heal, sharing his childhood traumas with others who could help. Unleashing these terrifying stories from his past helped him unpack his pain and focus on the positive things in life. He soaked up all the words of wisdom that came his way and went on learning from his mistakes. 

Eventually, George became a professional football player. He is a former All-American Collegiate Athlete and Heisman Trophy Candidate. As life happened, George became the father of threetwo sons. He wanted to be the dad to his kids that he craved as a child. He knows how important it is for any child to see his parents coming to games, helping them with homework, and reading to them. George is doing his best to give his kids some of these special moments as a dad who is always present for his children. He believes kids don’t need rich parents, a big house to live in, or even a two-parent home for a great childhood. 

According to George, a parent should be truly present for the child by being engaged, participative, intentional, and authentic. In this digital age, we have so many things to be distracted by or to keep children engaged, but nothing compares to the bond and lifetime of memories created by good parenting. This forms the overall concept of his book The Present Dad. Being a present dad has not been easy for George. As a stay-at-home dad, George has men questioning his masculinity because his wife, Katie, is the family’s breadwinner. However, George feels this is the best way to learned to ignore them, prioritizing his kids because that’s how to model healthy relationships for his sons and to challenge gender roles in relationships. . 

One of George’s sons, Max, is a special needs child. George has learned to be a nimble father, adapting to Max’s needs and always being there for him. Raising Max has been an incredible experience for George, opening his heart up in ways he never imagined. Max has helped him become a better father and a man. Now he wants to share the same wisdom with other parents through The Present Dad. George believes that if his book can change the trajectory of a handful of parents and those kids who will be raised by them, he can create a ripple effect around the world. Good parenting is something the world always needs. It is also a wonderful way to raise a child, helping them grow into a good human being.

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