Mon’Art Shows Us The Art in Money

Art and money are closely knitted because both are spheres of social activity and depict symbolic value. Art is often linked to wealth/status, likewise money, and in most cases, it is hard to get one without the other. But this isn’t the only relationship between the duo. Money can also be used as a medium of art- similar to Mon’Art’s reality.

Mon’Art is an art company in Belgium that specializes in creating art with money. Their distinct approach to art and money sets them apart, with their collections attracting massive attention in and out of the country. Mon’Art has worked closely with several clients in Dubai, France, the USA, Germany, Monaco, and many more.

Interestingly, all Mon’Art’s pieces are specially handcrafted. According to Kevin, the founder and creator of Mon’Art, one of the reasons they choose handcrafting is to tell the story perfectly. Mon’Art believes every art has a unique story to share, and its goal is to bring this story to life. As a result, they create pieces that are talking objects and examine the world’s political, moral, and social relationship with money.

Mon’Art encourages people through art, motivating them to make their dreams a reality. All Mon’Art pieces are limited. Instead, they draw inspiration from things like old currencies, movies, and TV shows.

Mon’Art has created various pieces, including the P. Escobar Souvenir, The Emergency $100 Frame Series and Narco Flame. The Narcos Flame is inspired by the Narcos Netflix series and features a bullet, money, and powder; similarly, they also feature palettes.

Mon’Art The Pallet pieces are one of their most famous collections and their biggest work to date. Mon’Art- The Pallet is an artistic representation of $3.6 Million. The Pallet is all black and features a clear and luxurious plexiglass with a top counter of 20mm thick. 

The Mon’Art $3.6M pallet money art is polished to perfection and devoid of any edges. If being meticulous were to be described in other words, Mon’Art has it on lock; over 12 hours go in finishing the edges of the plexiglass. The Pallet can be used as a coffee table or decoration in your entrance lobby or living room. It has a size of 125cm x 85cm at 45cm height and weighs approximately 50kg. The plexiglass cover can also be taken off to add some personal pieces.

The Pallet is available in different bill versions; dollar, euro, and pound. It is important to note that Mon’Art pieces are money art and DO NOT contain real money or gold. However, all their bills comply with the rules of the ECB (European Central Bank).

Mon’Art ships worldwide – they have adopted modern packaging to ensure all the pieces are well protected during shipping and reach the consumer in perfect shape and condition. As they continue redefining art, they want to create unique and motivational luxury pieces, giving buyers the best of both worlds. They are also looking to have their art available in galleries.

“We are in talks with some international galleries to host and sell our pieces which will help us reach a wider audience and share Mon’Art (art made with money) with the world,” says Kevin, the Owner and creator at Mon’Art.

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