16-Year-Old Bennett Shanks Is Taking Over the Influencer Market

The digital economy is arguably the way to go for businesses that want to keep up with the ever-changing consumer needs. Brands and businesses also strive to keep up with these trends to engage potential clients. Recent studies have also indicated that nearly 70% of the global population aged 18-30 are glued to social media, scrolling through various feeds. This population also includes a vibrant percentage of digital influencers and entrepreneurs competing for the same market. Therefore, standing out in such a crowd can be difficult, but not for young Bennett Shanks.

At 16, Bennett Shanks is undoubtedly one of the best digital marketing influencers and entrepreneurs. He is a successful young entrepreneur with a sharp eye for business. Shanks stands out as a self-made teenager who believed in his dream, risking it all to balance studies and business. He has amazed many with his unparalleled entrepreneurial skills backed by an unquestionable work ethic. 

Though it’s still early in his career, Shanks is already making headlines with success, earning over $50,000 in just six months. This is an incredible achievement for him as he strives for more success in the future. “While doing all this, I still manage to stay extremely fit and maintain good grades,” Shanks says.  

However, establishing a brand and nurturing it to success while still in school was challenging for Shanks. His biggest obstacle was establishing a working balance between studies and business. But a dedicated, passionate, and hardworking individual, Shanks managed to beat the odds to keep his dream alive.

“I was able to overcome a dry patch in the middle of the summer where I wasn’t profiting at all and decided to get up and work harder, which ended up paying off in the scheme of things,” Shanks explains.

With a passion for seeing others bring their dreams to life, the young entrepreneur encourages people to find something they are passionate about and work toward it without giving up. The secret lies in finding what works best for you and setting realistic goals and practical strategies to get you there. Shanks also discourages dealing with too much before you get started. Instead, start from where you are. You don’t have to see the entire path as long as you can take the first step. Also, don’t rely too much on other people. Learn how to be independent and rely on yourself.

An already established entrepreneur, Shanks wants to scale his success to the next level. To him, the goal is to become a millionaire at 22 and run one of the biggest social media agencies. Shanks is also looking toward helping numerous entrepreneurs expand their businesses by leveraging the power of social media. He looks forward to working with various brands and companies in diverse industries, including building an expansive social media presence, which is essential for his agency’s success. To him, the world has gone digital, and so is the business community. “I would like to retire pretty early on,” Shanks concludes.

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