Meet Australia’s Top Personal Shopper and Stylist, Afrid Rahuman

The demand for stylists and personal shoppers has continued to soar in Australia and around the world with the increase in professionals with fashion knowledge and a wide range of fashion boutiques. There is also the growing need to look your best on social media and offline. In today’s world, social media has become crucial, especially for public figures, and to make your presence felt, it is essential to keep up with trends and wear an outfit that is well put together. Afrid Rahuman has been helping his clients choose the right outfits and get their hands on limited-edition products, with his unique approach and attention to detail allowing him to stand out. 

The 23-year-old Sri-Lankan born Australia-based personal shopper takes an untraditional view to personal shopping and fashion in general. Afrid is combining high-end designer goods with streetwear and leveraging his connections to get his hands on these pieces, even hard-to-find items, making him a go-to personal shopper for some of the biggest stars and VIPs in Australia.

Afrid has established his brand as an authority in a short time. He has worked with many influential people, helping them make unique purchases and find the perfect clothing and accessories that make a statement. Afrid has sourced a rare brand-new Chanel bag for one of his clients and also sold a Rolex Daytona John Mayer to a VIP client. 

His passion and broad fashion experience also give him an upper hand. Afrid is a huge fashion lover. He took on a great interest in fashion at a young age and would spend hours looking at fashion inspiration online and trying to put together similar looks. This obsession later blossomed into a business concept, and Afrid started Veblen Store.

Veblen Store specializes in high-end designer and streetwear items, including but not limited to collector bags, hyped sneakers, exotic watches, and trendy jackets. Afrid works with his clients to choose the right clothing depending on their body type, event, budget, and style preferences, and he finds accessories that go best with the chosen outfit. He personally talks to his clients on Whatsapp and  Instagram, where he also shares fashion inspiration and the latest designer items.

According to Afrid, his goal is to make high-end designer items and sneakers more accessible to people who don’t have the time to do the shopping. Afrid sources his goods locally and internationally, providing his clients with even the rarest products. 

As Afrid does this, he is also inspiring and encouraging young dreamers. He built a successful brand at 23, but his journey has not been easy. Afrid has encountered certain challenges, including building credibility on Instagram.

There are so many fake Instagram accounts and scammers, especially in the fashion niche, making it hard for authentic businesses to build trust. Afrid had to invest in creating a brand that sells and prioritizes genuine relationships with clients. He started making fashion content and connecting with his target market on Whatsapp. 

Afrid is sharing this side of his journey to show others that getting over obstacles in their path and building a solid brand is possible. Afrid is looking to grow Veblen Store internationally and also hopes to open a private viewing boutique in a few years.

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