Sensory Deprivation at True REST Revolutionizes Recovery 

Sensory deprivation, also known as float therapy, has been gaining popularity as a means of recovering from various physical and mental conditions. While modern medicine often relies on medications, many of which can be harmful and addictive, sensory deprivation offers a holistic and natural approach to healing. True REST Float Spa, the world’s largest float spa brand, is a leading player in this space.

Mandy Rowe, President of True REST, has made it her mission to provide a holistic means of recovery for those suffering from pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Not only has True REST been able to scale to an impressive size, but it has also been able to empower new entrepreneurs and donate thousands of free floats to veterans.

Unlike many up-and-coming brands that jump on the latest bandwagon, True REST’s float therapy is more than just a trend. It is cutting-edge technology that is helping to replace harmfully addictive medications in many cases. The brand is constantly researching and developing new programs for brain health, optimization, and recovery, all at an affordable price. In fact, True REST’s dedication to education and transparency has helped it to become a leader in the industry, with numerous accolades to its name, including a ranking of No. 7 in Entrepreneur’s 2019 Top New Franchises and No. 234 in Entrepreneur’s 2019 Top 500.

Getting here has been a journey for Mandy and the entire True REST team. For starters, there isn’t enough awareness in this relatively nascent space. Despite the increased attention to alternative and holistic medicine, many people are still unaware of the benefits of sensory deprivation as a medical solution.

“Half of the people I talk to still don’t know what float therapy is, even with locations across the US and servicing over 1,000,000 people,” Mandy shares. No competitors have been able to scale their businesses to True REST’s size. “We attribute our success to our choice to educate the public on the scientific benefits of floating as one of our key differentiators,” Mandy explains. “Yes, it looks cool, but that won’t keep people coming back or telling their friends. We are constantly educating and re-educating, as new research surfaces.”

Being part of a franchise has also helped True REST achieve even more tremendous success than its competitors. This was particularly true during the COVID-19 pandemic when most businesses closed down. The collective minds of franchise experts worldwide helped the brand strategize, pivot, think outside the box, and get the financial support it needed to make it through the pandemic. This helped Mandy’s team survive the worst of the storm, and they have continued to grow ever since. Mandy’s advice to others is to be transparent, honest, and accountable to build loyalty and foster a group sense of pride and accomplishment.

In the coming years, Mandy envisions True REST expanding to over 60 locations in 2023 and 100 in 2024. She also hopes to introduce virtual reality for memory retention, language learning, and guided meditations. The goal is to give people goal-oriented programs that will help them become mentally stronger individuals on top of being physically recovered, well-rested, and peaceful.

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