KEVAE: How This Luxury Brand Is Reshaping Eyewear

There are countless eyewear brands to choose from, but many of them are poorly made, overpriced, or lacking enough style.  Seeing a void in the market, the founders behind KEVAE eyewear ran with their idea to hand-craft luxury sunglasses in small batches for the fashion-forward consumer. Never compromising on quality or style, KEVAE has built a brand on these core principles with back-to-back sold-out releases, signifying an important shift in the market and consumer trends. 

KEVAE stands for more than just eyewear. Their philosophy says that style is a way of life, and that people need to elevate their life in every aspect and should look good while doing so. By creating products that reflect this philosophy, they empower you to elevate your life while they elevate your vision with timeless, elegant frames that will stand the test of time. 

Starting with the production, KEVAE sunglasses are made with the finest materials. Premium black acetate frames are designed in a slightly oversized design, with a bold and powerful look. The frames carry black-out UV protection lenses that add to their aura of strong energy. For an added touch of luxe, the glasses are accented in 18kt gold-plated details, putting KEVAE eyewear truly in a class of its own. KEVAE emphasizes the importance of quality in a luxurious look to create unique designs while maintaining its fundamental values: sustainability, elevation and innovation.

As a luxury eyewear brand, KEVAE decides to say no to fast fashion and sees sustainable luxury as the future of modern eyewear fashion. Produced only in small batches, this ensures not only a quality product but also little to no waste during production. Striving for perfection, each and every pair of glasses undergo rigorous quality control standards ensuring an exceptional finished product. With their limited edition nature, the best way to secure your own pair of KEVAE glasses is by signing up for their waiting list or catching the next drop on January 30th. If you’re tired of looking at the world through the same old lenses, take a step towards elevate your eyewear at

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