Yamashiro: The Hollywood Gem Of Japanese Cuisine 

By: Aracely Gutierrez 

With its colorful gardens and koi-filled ponds, Yamashiro is the ultimate getaway from city life.. From its incredible cliffside views to delicious menu items, this Asian-inspired restaurant is this summer’s newest hot spot. The iconic Yamashiro Hollywood is known for having the best Japanese fusion cuisine that Los Angeles has to offer. With a one-of-a-kind menu and peaceful aura, this incredible restaurant continuously proves itself to be the shining gem of the Los Angeles Asian food scene.. 

Yamashiro was refurbished in 1948; this marked a new beginning for the palace, leading LA locals to check out the lovely new eatery. This restaurant was also once notorious for hosting Old Hollywood’s elite crowd as it was the location for the exclusive 400 Club, an organization of entertainers during a time period when entertainment careers were looked down upon by society. Although the 400 Club no longer exists, the restaurant continues to welcome anyone and everyone including local Angelenos and venturing tourists. 

As they enter the beautiful oasis, guests are immediately greeted by the incredible staff and a first glance at the elegant Japanese art. Venturing further into the restaurant, guests are met with an open air Garden Courtyard that is home to a curated assortment of Japanese flora and a peaceful water feature teeming with lucky koi. After over 60 successful years in business, Yamashiro has mastered the difficult art of balancing the busy city life with a pleasant, tranquil ambience. 

Yamashiro’s indoor seating provides its guests with a refreshing escape from the summer heat. With the high altitudes, guests are able to dine in the clouds, rather than underneath them. Yamashiro also offers the perfect cocktails to cool off with this summer, from the Purple Dragon, a gin cocktail filled with fresh lemon and lavender, to the Electric Ocean, a cocktail made with green sake and enriched with rich flavors of citrus. 

This past season, the Pork Bao Buns with sweet chashu pork, pickled daikon and carrots, fresh cucumber and cilantro, and creamy yakitori mayo were the star of the menu. This spring, Yamashiro has released an entirely new menu for guests to enjoy. If you’re planning your upcoming visit to Yamashiro, make sure to get a taste of the absolutely divine Chilean Sea Bass, a miso-marinated sea bass with buttered leeks and bok choy. 

If you’re searching for some great appetizers to start off with, Yamashiro’s new spring menu has you covered. This restaurant is already known for its amazing seafood, so make sure to check out its delicious sashimi plates with options such as yellowtail serrano, seared salmon and crispy albacore. The incredible seafood pairs perfectly with any of the restaurant’s refreshing spring cocktails.

Last but not least, the cherry on top of the dining experience is the restaurant’s heavenly dessert menu that will leave you wanting it all. The Pink Posset is made from a champagne jelly and infused with delightful notes of elderflower and blood orange. For any sundae lovers who need to satisfy their sweet tooth, the Tempura Banana Split is an amazing treat made with tempura fried banana, buttermilk ice cream and packed with flavors of caramel, chocolate, sesame brittle and of course, the essential cherry. Among these amazing desserts, there is one that truly outdoes them all: the mouthwatering Churros. Its simplicity and classic cinnamon-sugar flavor makes it difficult to dislike. The Churros also happen to be Yamashiro’s most famous dessert: with their perfectly fluffy center and crispy exterior, they are absolutely irresistible. The enticing pastry is also served with rich hot fudge and toasted rice ice cream made in-house. The subtle sweetness of the dessert menu paired with its richer sauces and accents make for the perfect ending to your incredible dining experience. 

As we approach the beautiful season, Yamashiro has officially begun its transition to its Spring menu. Make sure to make your reservations and head on up to the Hollywood Hills for a phenomenal dining experience full of unique dishes and high quality ingredients. Since Yamashiro changes its menus seasonally, guests should definitely aim to try the delicious spring menu before it’s too late. If you’re looking for a lively spot to get dinner with friends or for a perfect date night idea, the great Yamashiro Gardens are the place to be this summer.

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