Makissv Is One Of The Youngest Influencers With Over 3 Million Reach

Not everyone is capable of making it big in the world of entrepreneurship and becoming an important part of the influencer marketing industry. However, this young influencer from Greece has just established his own company at the age of 16. this proves that age is just a number and people can do whatever they want in their lives provided there have a proper goal in their mind, with proper strategies to achieve defined goals. 

Social media has become very prevalent in everyone’s life because of the current pandemic. Most of them are trying their best to make the best out of it, getting involved in the industry and trying to expand their reach on a regular basis. Moreover, social media has also allowed the younger generation to extend their brands and services to the provided audience, so that the interested parties could know where they can get their favourite products and services. It is very difficult these days for the right kind of people to find what they specifically need because of the lack of communication among the members involved, social media acts as a medium where people can put up their business and spread awareness. Advertising can also be counted as one among them because it plays a similar role in expanding the reach of certain companies, brands. In this article we will talk about the young 16 year old Efthymios Savvidis who has advantaged off this. Currently he is serving thousands of potential clients through the help of social media precisely.

Makissv has a lot of experience with a range of clients. Be it an Instagram model or a fitness trainer, even celebrities and specialists come up he has worked with them all via social media. The brands just need a boost which he guarantees, thinking about their customer first. It is the client who must be served without compromising even at the edges.

“Once they realise that they’ve hit a jackpot, they recommend other professionals. This is how the network mostly expands, and you probably would not want to disappoint a customer as it would kill off a number of clients that you could have otherwise gained. The amount of experience you have counts a lot because that guarantees results.” Says Makissv. 

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