Karyna Romanova throws light on how to find an acting agency and get going.

Acting in films and TV are considered to be an all time high paying careers and Karyna tells you how to get the right break.

Karyna Romanova has established her presence as a DJ, model, and actor and through her fine work garnered a substantial online following on various social media platforms. She is known for sharing her journey with her followers on social media, especially Instagram. Along with her passion for music and modelling, acting is something which tops her list and here she lays down a few pointers which would be helpful in guiding aspiring actors through the right path.

The world of entertainment has taken over everything else as a majority of people follow films and TV which has upped their demand considerably. More and more people are wanting to enter the entertainment industry and make their mark, but don’t really know the right way out. “hordes of individuals throng towards the industry with stars in their eyes but are clueless about finding the right channel and approach the right people who can help them out to get started, says Karyna. There are many talented individuals who are looking for the right break and exposure but due to lack of knowledge of how the industry works, are unable to pave the right path. An agency plays an important part in landing suitable roles or work for an artist who’s trying to establish his presence in the entertainment industry says Karyna. These agencies play a major part in getting the directors find the right actors suited for their projects and at the same time help actors find the right roles.

Karyna says that though it might be difficult for a budding artist to find the right agency it is all the more difficult for an individual to find suitable work on his own and the job becomes more strenuous if the individual doesn’t apply much efforts. Talent and hard work do matter but finding the right resource which would help in building a strong base for your career is all the more important. Her sincere advice for beginners trying to step into the industry is to hire a reliable agency and focus on their work, success will definitely follow you.

Get connected with Karyna on Instagram@miss_ramanova

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