Victoria Kennedy, a TEDx speaker and a young entrepreneur from the US, lays out the steps for building a business around your passion.

She has reached the pinnacle of success and helped her clients achieve the same through her leading firm ‘Victorious PR’.

To get into the entrepreneurial world is no walk in the park. There are tons of challenges that may come across in an individuals’ way, test their patience and may sometimes even want them to lose hope. However, these are the times; people must stay resilient and keep faith in their instincts, talents and skills to not only build their business but also grow it the way they want. Victoria Kennedy is one such young entrepreneurial talent from America who stands tall even amidst much competition, proving to the world that age, gender or any other such factor cannot define a person’s success. It all depends on how determined a person is and how passionate he/she feels about their chosen industry. The PR and branding niche was where her heart was hooked on and hence; she went ahead in creating Victorious PR, her firm that helps entrepreneurs and internet marketers get featured on major media publications of the world.

She has come forward to explain how people can build a business around their passion, just like she did.

  • Know your vision: The first thing people must do is to establish their vision, which is at the heart of starting a business. This will help people be on their path and also act as a constant reminder of their goals.
  • Build a robust plan: Having the visions is great, but what do you after that? Victoria Kennedy says that people need to build an organized and clear strategic plan to reach those visions and goals. Also, it must be adjustable and measurable and be adaptable in any circumstances.
  • Conduct thorough research: Having a proper idea of what the market is like is essential in building a business around your passion. Only having the passion will not get the job done. People need to conduct a thorough research of their markets to know what is out there and what will they face if they enter their industry. Identifying the risks is also crucial as this will prepare people to manage them well when they arise.

Her company Victorious PR has experienced tremendous growth in less than two years. It grew to 6 figures within 90 days and is on track to be a $1 million business. Her pure passion for the field and her drive to create more noise around her clients through the power of PR and branding has helped her and her company rise to the top.

Do not miss out on knowing more about her and follow her on Instagram @thevictoriakennedy or visit the website,

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