Francine Gillian Garcia- an inspiration to many and a name to definitely remember:

Francine Gillian Garcia is an experienced Hairstylist, Educator, Content Creator, Philanthropist and Serial Entrepreneur. Apart from all the above, Gillian Garcia is also the founder of JU POPPIN. She is based in Brooklyn New York. The multi-talented woman is also the owner of the saloon called Gillian Garcia Artistry Saloon in Brooklyn New York. 

Francine Gillian Garcia was born in Trinidad. She went to Vessigny Government Secondary High School in Trinidad and received her online course GED from Brooklyn College and continued her higher classes. She started her hairstyling education at Hairaan’s Hair School in Trinidad San Fernando. Later she continued her specialisation education with Matrix, Patric Bradley, Loreal, Najah, Mastermind classes with Natalie Wedwell, Marrisa Peer and Grant Cardone. 

As mentioned before, Francine Gillian Garcia is the founder of Ju Poppin, which is a famous name in hair solution products like Ju Poppin Hair Growth Oil, Vitamin E Oil, The Scalp Healing Mist Spray. These are few very famous organic and natural oils which are prepared by pure oils and many flower extracts, which are really helpful for healthy hairs. She explains that as we take care of our body parts our hair also needs looking after it. It needs to be taken special care to have good healthy hair. Hair needs special food just like our body. 

Apart from being an entrepreneur, Francine Gillian Garcia is a philanthropist. She is a holy lady, a great follower of God. She loves her family especially her kids and grandkids and takes great care of them. She believes in giving and reaching out to those who need her help. Francine is a spiritual lady with a kind heart and generosity. She is also a preacher of god’s words of wisdom that touches the soul of many and looking after the needs of her community. This was not her childhood plan to be a hairstylist by profession, she believes that this was the call of God for her to choose this profession. After the death of her grandmother, things changed and she was in this business. She came to New York in the year 1993 with just $50 in her pocket and a great dream to do something. 

Her hard work and dedication to her profession have created the fame and name for herself. Today she is all that anyone with the best of opportunities can have achieved. Francine Gillian Garcia is loved by many and has also been rewarded with interviews in Essence and Oprah magazines. 

To know more about Francine Gillian Garcia, you may visit her website: 

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