Benny Da Jeweller is changing the jewellery scene with his individuality and authenticity:

It is impossible to not have heard of professional jeweller and custom designer, Benny Nisanov, aka Benny Da Jeweller. The talented artist is well known in the hip hop culture and also in the athletic industry because professionals from these fields are often looking for customers jewellery that they can signature mark can be recognised. obviously come under services from Benny are outstanding and hence he gained more customers every day.

The main reason why Benny has several loyal customers is that he adapts a very accurate method of providing them with the product. Coming up with 3D figures in a wooden card model, and making changes according to the client, Benny makes sure that every custom jewellery is made with complete precision because for most people it carries a lot of symbolism. For every project that Benny receives, the very first step is penning down the instructions that have been provided by the client for whatever the jewellery may become a pendant, a watch or earrings, according to their liking. Since every client has a unique demand, no two orders can be the same hence the process also has to differ from time and time again. However, Benny is not demotivated by this at all and considers it integral to the process. 

Years of experience has led Benny Nisanov into formulating how he can use his imagination to bring together the suggestions of the client and his own creativity into a final piece that is well celebrated. Most of the time he would take around four weeks to complete any particular product, but he can also get it done in less than two weeks if it is required urgently. Just because there has been a compromise made over time, does not mean that the services will also be compromised, the products are going to be as demanded and as promised, and he has never received a client complaint on the final outcome of a jewellery piece. Such exquisite are his services.

Some of the well-known celebrities for whom Benny has provided for personally are Mary J Blige, French Montana, Diddy, Lil TJay, Jake Paul and a few others. In fact, Benny even has a well-established fan following on Instagram, ranging up to 126 thousand. Quite involved and busy in his work, he strives to expand further and contributes to even more professional work, so that he can not only gain success on his own but also provide for other individuals who are looking for top-notch services. Make sure you follow him on his social media handles from the links provided below, never miss an update from Benny Da Jeweller.


Instagram handle: @bennydajeweler


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