Douglas James- a testament to the power of hard work and determination:

In this world where everybody is trying to attain success in one form or the other, there are many who strike out on this ambition. However, those who consider this failure to be because of bad luck are very wrong. Indeed, as the saying goes, “God helps those who help themselves” and it is not without reason. If you really want to get something in this life and put in all your effort into it there is nothing that should be able to stop you. One such man who has proven this ideology is Douglas James.

Douglas James started out his life as a US Navy corpsman. However today he is not known by the same title. As of now Douglas James holds the position of an expert digital marketer, a coach to hundreds of trainee entrepreneurs and is also on a humanitarian mission to help those living in less fortunate areas of the world. So how did he manage to make such a big change in his life?

It is common knowledge that a career change especially when you do not have the proper qualifications for it is extremely difficult and almost always sure to fail. Douglas James had never gotten the proper education required to be a digital marketer and knew nothing much about it. However, once he had put his mind to it Douglas James saw his ambition to the end. He did several courses and practised day and night till he was able to prove his worth in the industry. However, his troubles did not end here. James knows the digital marketing platform is an extremely competitive one with several individuals joining it every year it is quite hard to make a mark in the industry if you are not focused enough. Any other man with the lesser willpower would have given up when Douglas change was still going on. This is why today he offers to be the pillar of support that he truly needed in his initial days, to others. He has helped several people climb the paths to success and has also earned himself the name of the “High Ticket” guy.

There is a lot that one can learn from a man who has pushed on in life even in the face of numerous struggles and is now helping others to withstand their share of troubles on the road to success. Truly Douglas James is inspirational in whatever he does be it his personal life or his professional one. If you want to know more about him, follow Douglas James on:

Instagram: @the_douglasjames

Twitter: @Douglas_james_




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