Glore Jewelry- the one-stop destination for creative Jewelry pieces

If you are looking for the best customized and unique jewellery pieces in New York City, ‘Glore Store’ is the answer. It has been founded by Leon Glore, who popularly goes by the name Leo Glore. His pieces are enough to make you stand out from the rest. This is exactly what celebrities want and thus, it is no surprise that Glore’s products are a hit in the entire Entertainment Industry. He is a 30-year-old Jeweller who has been in the business for more than a decade. Thus, you can tick the experience box. During these years, he connected with countless stars such as Scott Disick, 50 Cent, Alec Monopoly and the Kardashians.

Celebrities love his store exclusively for the customization factor and its countless options. Leo’s pieces have even impressed 50 Cent. If you do not know who 50 Cent is, he is a famous Music composer, rapper and Entrepreneur. He is known for his preference for luxury products such as wristwatches. He makes them tailored as per his needs. When he approached Glore, Glore provided endless variations and customization choices, which impressed him. Leon loves making jewellery and his fashion sense is also amazing. This is why he has never failed to impress people. He created many designs for countless celebrities and even befriended a lot of them. Glore Jewellery is especially renowned for the chains and wristwatches, which he carefully customizes in order to complement the celebrities. His store is located in New York City. Leo makes sure to take notes of the specifications of his customer because he is very particular about his designs. He also makes sure to keep himself updated about the latest trends in the Jewellery Market so that his pieces never go out of style and he remains on top of the competition.

Leo has also been featured on Below Deck Mediterranean’s fifth season. This is a hit show which premiers on Bravo TV. He got a lot of attention on social media channels and from the press after that brief appearance. He was just invited to the show by his friend and despite being a guest, he created a mark. He is the best person to go to if you have any requests for Jewellery. continually works hard to keep delivering the best products and lead a luxurious life.

Leo Glore has a strong social media presence with over 19.3k followers on Instagram. Follow him on Instagram to know more about him and keep up with his latest projects.

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