Meet one of the top fashion bloggers, entrepreneurs and stylists in NYC – Liv Schreiber.

Her passion, coupled with her determination and commitment to take the fashion world to newer success levels, has brought her to the forefront of the industry.

There are a few people who believe in doing things only when the right time arrives and till then choose to patiently wait for things to happen, while there are many others who do not believe in wasting time, instead take up challenges and push the envelope to reach somewhere in life. These challenges and the risks they take along their journeys help them thrive in their respective niches and get them nearer their goals at a very early age. Such bold choices were made by a young NYC entrepreneur named Liv Schreiber. This young girl and a bundle of talent has been doing exceedingly well in the world of fashion and tech, and with her endeavours have made a special place for herself in people’s hearts; major credit must also go to her heart filled with compassion and gratitude.

Liv Schreiber is the perfect example of a young entrepreneur, who instead of getting any handouts or waiting for opportunities, grabbed all those opportunities that came her way and paved her own path to where she has reached today as a well-known fashion blogger, stylist, entrepreneur and also an educator in the niche. She has achieved all of this as a 24-year-old, which is a feat only a few have been able to achieve. Liv Schreiber, along with her brother, runs a fashion-tech company named ‘Brand Caffeine’ (, where they give brands a boost by improving and conceptualizing their content, paid ads and digital presence. On TikTok and Instagram, she has earned a massive follower base of over 45K as a fashion blogger and believes that she is different because she treats style as an afterthought as compared to the kindness, energy, positivity she promotes, which automatically makes her style cooler. 

At 21 years, Liv Schreiber became a celebrity stylist to billionaires Sara Blakely and Jesse Itzler. In the first year of business, she made 6-figures with Brand Caffeine with her twin brother. Liv Schreiber has also risen to the top as a mentor and coach to thousands of women through her coaching and styling calls. She has successfully pivoted the digifashion landscape as a creative brain and fashion-tech entrepreneur.

Do follow her on Instagram @livschreiber and visit her website, to know more.

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