Following An Unbiased Path To Success: Rhett Lindsey And Simee

The applicant tracking system that is mostly followed by a lot of companies, especially big companies from USA, are severely flawed. Most of the time, they tend to not just look into the specialisations of people, but also into their racial and ethnic background. Before even beginning the hiring process command they are rejected and their resume is are not accepted, and this way we lose a lot of potential people every year, just because they do not have the same cultural background. Taking care of this situation is Rhett Lindsey, with the help of his innovative idea and his establishment that he came up with last year during December, Siimee. 

Recently, Rhett Lindsey is taking with tech industry by storm after developing his app Siimee, thus building a system that accepts people on not their skin colour or ethnic background, but on their specific talents sets and skill areas. Because of this, a lot of people who will facing unemployment and finance issues have finally found the way to back in the unfair and biased recruitment system.

Lindsey has acquired a Bachelor degree on social work from the University of Kentucky. He has been associated with many companies such as Facebook, Tinder, Applied Minds, Crystal Dynamics, Microsoft, The Walt Disney, and many more, where he was on a portfolio of a recruiter and has been recruiting different types of staffs for different levels of position, including HR, Brand Assistant, HR Coordinator, Recruiting Coordinator and many high positions. According to Lindsey, while working for Facebook as a recruiter, he was asked to search for a “Black Female Engineer” Specially during a week of “diversity recruitment”. He had to spend time and search on LinkedIn, looking into the profile, checking the picture, weather it is a ‘She’ and she is a Black, apart being an Engineer. This surface level had disturbed his mind and made him very uncomfortable and which forced him to resign from his job. Where people focused on ‘Who’ than opposing ‘What’. This needed to be changed, and a better system had to be adopted.

Consequently, Siimee’s aim is to provide the employer with the best qualified talented job seeker and allow all the jobseekers equal opportunity. Lindsey believes that if this bias is removed from the hiring process it would give the job seekers equal opportunity.

Rhett Lindsey’s experiences in recruitment has been nationally featured on the Washington Post, CNBC, CBS news and the morning news specially about the app designed to eliminate bias in recruitment. To know more about Siimee, you can check out their website: 

You can also follow Rhett Lindsey himself, on his Instagram profile:

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