Jessica mark shares her journey as to how she managed to bounce back after her illness took over her ambition.

Dr Jessica Mack used to be a very passionate strong woman who worked as a licensed practising occupational therapist. She has almost everything in her life, everything a lady would ask for. A supportive husband, a beautiful daughter and a blooming career. Suddenly her world crumbled down into pieces one day when her illness started taking over her. Her chronic illnesses became debilitating and this forced Jessica to retire early from her profession. She always considered herself a winner because of her career. She was not only working for herself but also serving people and touching lives at the same time.

She says here the biggest challenge was her health. She has been overwhelmed with fatigue, experience incessant fevers, weight loss, muscle contractures, and more. This could have stopped her from quitting her career. But Jessica decided to channel her energy into creating something for herself. The digital era attracted her towards opening her own blog where she could unleash the fun side of her. She started recipe creation, food blogging, and food photography. And today is considered among one of the finest bloggers in the food industry. She has a strong online presence which connects her to all the similar minded people who share her vision.

She took her time to overcome the challenges of her diseases by keeping the faith, focusing on her newly found passion – a food blog, and staying connected to her community online. She is also grateful that she did not give up before the miracle happened.  She is grateful for the strong support system that she has in the form of her husband, family and friends.  Focusing on raising her daughter also helped her to stay in the right state of mind and also be motivated to stay alive! Exercise and meditation also have played a vital part in reviving her.

Now Jessica owns a food blog that has a wide reach. People from all walks of life visit her platform in order to get inspired for having vegetarian meals. Delicious as well as nutritious vegetarian meals like quinoa vegetarian chilli, spaghetti squash primavera, or chocolate chip banana nut muffins can easily be a substitute for a heavy meat steak and probably cheaper too!

You can connect to her through Instagram and also subscribe to her mail list to receive updates on new recipes.

Instagram: @drjessicamack @morethanmeatlessmonday

Twitter: @morethanmeatle1


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