Michael Drager was keen on creating his own legacy in the adult industry. Therefore, Drager pursued the goal of one day building his own empire, which is now beginning with his journey into the adult industry and will be followed by his expansion into mainstream entertainment media, like film and TV.  

He initiated his dream by utilizing social media such as Instagram to build his brand. With more than 1 lakh followers, he started from scratch. Though it did not show successful results immediately it was a wise step since he has a lot of followers on Instagram now. When his reputation started to build, he felt more confident in himself and decided to start his own production firm, ‘Draco Enterprises’. 

Michael, who is commonly known as Draco, has the ability to decide who has potential for success in the modelling business. He capitalized on his ability and became a talent manager. His firm currently has some of the highest growing stars in the modelling business. Michael is an entrepreneur, talent manager and social media influencer from Chicago. 

His grandfather had a Chicago based upscale Gentlemen’s club, which was running very successfully even before his death. Thus, this knowledge enabled him to develop a good eye for trends in the business. That is why he can always assure that the Draco Enterprises models remain relevant for many years.

Draco is not the one to give up on his goals irrespective of how much work it takes. It was more challenging than he thought but no one in this world became successful without facing the odds and challenges. He is always ready to work hard in order to pursue his dreams. Draco aimed at improving his skill and if we see Draco Enterprises’ current success, it can be said that it’s all paying off and it will be at its peak in the near future. The quality of the content the agency makes is one of the most significant contributors to its success.

Draco is going to come up with new ideas so he is able to help more people and his company to be successful. His vision for the production company will lead to the creation of the finest quality content for viewers to enjoy.

Follow him on Instagram to take a sneak peek into this entrepreneur’s personal life:

Instagram- https://z-p42.www.instagram.com/dracoxxvii/

You can also check out Michael Drager on his website to get the latest updates:

Website- https://dracogirls.com/

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