Sobia A Shaikh is a true beauty with brains who is inspiring people with her successful journey:

Sobia A Shaikh who was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan is now a Social Media Influencer, Lifestyle Blogger & Content Creator. She is currently volunteering to fundraise for various non-profits. Sobia is a UNICEF USA North West Region Board Member and is a Co-Chair for the nationwide UNICEF.

Sobia has lived in a lot of places in the world. Everywhere she went she focused on expanding her knowledge. She got a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising. She worked in advertising at Young & Rubicam for 6 years and in 1997, she moved to San Francisco where began her career as a fashion entrepreneur, starting by launching a custom clothing line called “Rhung”. For the next 7 years, Sobia started to run ISLY Handbags. It is a handbag line that was carried in stores and boutiques all over the country. Recently, Sobia’s work was also recognised by many well-known media outlets.

When she was asked about her journey, Sobia A Shaikh says, “I grew up enjoying James Bond films & loved 007’s catchphrase, “Shaken, Not Stirred” as his preferred prep for martinis. Well, Sobia Shaikh…. Shaikhen…. pretty obvious, right? And thus, the name I chose for my blog and “Stirred” because I somehow stir things up. I’m direct to the point of bluntness, cannot stand fake people & fake friendships & ALWAYS try to speak my mind. As a result, I can end up saying things that make people uncomfortable, which is USUALLY not my intention.”

 Sobia says that she didn’t start her blog because of her business. Her blogs became interesting and people could relate to them. She enjoys every part of her journey and connecting with her followers. Check out her website to learn about her works. 

Sobia has earned her name after years of hard work and dedication. She believes that those two are the biggest determinants of your success and one should keep trying until they achieve their goals. There will be ups and downs in the process or your journey but quitting is not an option, one must fight the odds and get back on track. The person who is consistent and determined will be the one to watch light at the end of the dark tunnel.

Sobia loves to connect with her followers. She replies to each and every dm and comment that she gets on her social media accounts (mostly Instagram).

To stay updated about Sobia A. Shaikh, follow her on social media outlets (links are given below):


Twitter: sobia_a_shaikh

Instagram: sobiaashaikh

Facebook: Sobia A. Shaikh/Shaikhenandstirred

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