Andrew Taylor is one of the biggest names in the life insurance world, know why:

Life insurance, especially in today’s day and age, is a necessity rather than a want. Every company has its own way of dealing with its clients and completing the work. Many a time we come across a situation like your friend’s sister is working for an insurance company and have asked you to make insurance with her and having no choice as you are obliged to you must make one even you don’t want. These are some of the many reasons why many people don’t want to take insurance, but with FFL it is not like that. Here at FFL, they have leads, leads are like the client who requests the information for the organisation’s help. With paying high compensation in comparison with the other organization in the industry and with no amount of fees taken like those of others, FFL stands out uniquely and elegantly. FFL is often called the market disruptors in their industry as they tend to do everything opposite of what others do.

This is where Andrew Taylor comes in. He joined Family First Life back in 2014 as an agent. When he joined the industry, it was not that easy to survive but with his determination to make things work and attitude of never giving up he survived, in his first year as an agent in FFL he secured a sale of $500,000 in life insurance policy, which on an average an agent can make $43,000 per year. That was his first achievement. When in the beginning Andrew started in the industry he didn’t really know or realised the importance of building an agency, but with time as he matured, he understood the importance of leaving a legacy for his family.

Apart from being the founder of the insurance agency Andrew is also the managing partner of integrated marketing group. He is also the vice president and the board member of the family first life USA. He is nationally and internationally recognised for his expertise in principle and practice of direct sales and agent hiring and training them to reach success. Andrew is also motivated on this path by his own family consisting of his wife Nicole and their son Atlas.

If you want to know more about Andrew Taylor and Family First Life USA, you can simply check out their social media handles (link down below):

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