Michael Oshinaya talks about NYC Luxury and their involvement with BLM

Today, we are here to talk about Michael Oshinaya, a talented designer and jeweller who is working for NYC Luxury, a renowned and high-end jewellery boutique set in the Diamond District of New York City. 

Being from a group of youthful business visionaries that are pioneers in the business was the best thing for Mike for working at NYC Luxury. Michael Oshinaya says, “Being an outsider trying to pave my way through an industry which is super dominated by a community I do not belong to. The system has provided generational wealth for a small group of people on the price of my community. I am striving to position myself as one of the prominent black faces seen in the industry and still rising to be one of the premier names within the space.” Mike was asked who was the main individual he worked with and he told RichTheKid and Popular Dex came to purchase a Full Precious stone Patek and a Full Jewel AP from him in Spring 2017.

For six years, NYC LUXURY has been running in business smoothly. It is one of the best jewellery stores in town. They are not focusing on designs that are inspired by Hip-Hop culture. Currently, the store has started designing jewellery on a “timeless” aesthetic. They believe that the new idea will give the customers more value for their money when they come shopping in NYC Luxury.

Moreover, NYC Luxury has made an assortment of Black Lives Matter themed adornments and other extravagant things. Since 100% of the returns will uphold this incredible social development, the individuals who wish to help the Black Lives Matter campaign worldwide can make their commitment by buying the organization’s items. These items range from watches to rings and from pendants to studs and accessories, and so on. Moreover, custom orders can likewise be put through the diamond setter’s site to help the reason and request customized things from the gem specialist.

Nobody is unaware of the systematic prejudices against black people that have still not been wiped out completely today. The system has given generational wealth to a small group of people at the cost of his community. Thus, Michael Oshinaya is working hard in order to rise as a black professional in the jewellery making Industry.

Get to know more about NYC LUXURY by visiting their website: https://www.nycluxury.com/pages/nyc-luxury-careers.

You can also follow them on Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/nycluxury/

If you want to book an appointment with them or for any kind of queries, you can also Call 833-434-1993 or Email: sales@nycluxury.com.

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