Here are the strategic tips that got Merian Odesho’s haircare brand Bounce Curl through the pandemic:

With the United States crossing a long time since the first lockdown began to stem the spread of the coronavirus, which has claimed 2.62 million lives from all over the globe, we decided to check in with beauty brands and retail companies and administrants about the strategic shifts that helped their businesses endure this turbulent time. When asked them some questions, one that rings most important for businesses great or large, is what’s one pivot you made in the former generation that will have a long-term benefit to your company?

 MERIAN ODESHO, Founder and Formulator of Bounce Curl said, Transportation of products from their manufacturer to their depository was a real challenge during the time of COVID. They weren’t capable to replenish their product budget in their usual timeframe, and accounts weren’t always capable to understand that they were doing the formal they could under the circumstances. This pushed them to look for new manufacturers to help them keep products in stock. Going forward, this really can only be a good thing! Should there be a problem nationally again as in COVID or, if one of the manufacturers themselves has a problem, they before have alternate budget chains that they’ve developed and are confident will work. 

As continuing the topic, she added, when she couldn’t travel to train their beauty consiglieri in their Bounce Curl stores, she confected a state-of-the-art workplace with sound froth, a teleprompter, hi-tech sound and cameras, all the bells and wheezes so she could train her stores. It paid off and gave her the confidence to expand in Bounce Curl in other cities as well and added — because she can train fair. This factory has allowed her to host Bounce Curl virtual events, do speaking engagements, as well as professional meetups on Chirr. It helps they’ve in-house tech and Merian herself is quite tech savvy.

Apart from the above two tactics, it helps that Bounce Curl had quite a loyal fan base from before the pandemic as well. Actually, it was a brand that established itself in the November of the year 2015, and since then has only grown bigger and better, and thankfully, customers were willing to wait for their Bounce Curl products.

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