Merian Odesho talks about the entrepreneurial side of Bounce Curl:

Starting a business can be stressful, it is full of challenges and pushing yourself to the limits and work to make it successful. One person who can speak clearly upon this is Merian Odesho, the founder and CEO of hugely successful haircare brand Bounce Curl. Merian also had to face her own share of struggles and hardship. Coming from a Middle Eastern family, it is not easy to own a business and with a science background with no knowledge of business, it was tough but overwhelming.

“I come from a science background, so any business tips would have been very helpful. I certainly had the piece around creating and marketing my products; building the company structure to support Bounce Curl’s growth was more of a challenge.” says Merian. “It was also a learning process figuring out how to find the best talent to hire as part of the Bounce Curl team and to get Human Resources in place to support and retain that talent. “

In her early days of her career, she got to recognize the power of using social media for business very early in the marketing process for Bounce Curl. Merian posted on Instagram very regularly, showcasing her products, and telling her story. Using videos to show how she was making products in the lab and building that connection with potential customers was key, she built a community where Instagram followers were encouraged to ask questions and share their own haircare successes and challenges.

Merian Odesho didn’t only restrict her to this, she also inspired and mentored other women to take steps towards their dream and start their own businesses. Merian Odesho also kept her social media ongoing and posted regularly about her products, their usage, benefits, and all other purposes they can serve. With help from her social media, it helped her business to blow up more.

Merian said that she has almost attained all the goals that she wanted to achieve. This includes being contacted by many big stores all over the U. S., appearing on National Television programs, and featuring on billboards across the country. She concluded by saying” Moving forward, I anticipate continuing to come out with innovative products for every haircare need. One additional dream of mine is to build a bigger facility that would house a large warehouse and cosmetic laboratory all under one roof. “

To know more about Merian Odesho and her brand Bounce Curl, check out their social media handle (link down below)



Instagram: @bouncecurl (Merian: @herbalmmo)

Twitter: @BounceCurl 

Pinterest: @bouncecurl


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