Why the REV GUM Brand Is Consumers’ Alternative to Energy Drinks

The energy drink market is a highly competitive space. It is the least crowded market but with highly competitive players who constantly innovate to cement their positions in the industry. This also leaves space for new brands to venture into the market and compete for a space in this fast-growing industry. REV GUM is a fast-growing energy brand that gives traditional brands a run for their money.  

REV GUM is a CPG brand manufacturing and distributing innovative energy gum. The company is also known for launching its innovative products first in Bucc-ee’s in 2019, and quickly becoming their top-selling product in the space was a huge win. The brand is also known for securing space in Loves, Pilot, 7-Eleven, AEFES, CK Midwest, which are all big milestones. But REV GUM is proving to be a revolutionary product not only for the company but also for the industry. 

The major challenge for REV GUM was previously in getting onto shelves in the market. This was largely compounded by the fact that other products in the caffeinated gum space had launched and failed for various reasons. This created some hurdles when selling in REV GUM to certain accounts. If an account previously launched a caffeine gum that failed to take off, then they are reluctant to allocate shelf space again to the category.

But the REV GUM brand has efficiently overcome this hurdle by ensuring they market the benefits of REV GUM over these other products. Where these products failed, REV GUM is thriving by creating a product that works within the space and resonates with the core consumer. 

A pack of REV GUM has the same energy in it as six cans of Red Bull, yet you can throw it in your bag to go hiking without taking up any space or having to worry about ice. Previous energy gums contained an average of 40 mg of caffeine, which is not much more than a cup of green tea. Nobody is drinking that for energy to keep them going through their various activities such as mountain biking, surfing, hiking, kayaking, working, commuting, and traveling. 

REV GUM’s brand is targeted as a consumable energy drink alternative. They speak to the younger generation, specifically 18–28 year-olds who are looking for energy to fuel their active lifestyles.

REV GUM is contained in a blister pack, allowing consumers to have one piece at a time. Several previous competitors in the space were simply in bags. Once you tore them open, there was no way to reseal the pack, and pieces of gum would spill out in your bag, car, etc. 

The REV GUM brand is also launching four new SKUs: spearmint regular and extra strength, and polar mint regular and extra strength. Until now, REV GUM has been available in just two 60 mg and 100 mg flavors. These increased flavor options and functionality give consumers much more choice at retail. The product is in production and was recently released on the market in October. 

In the same month, REV GUM launched a new retailer in the fall, beginning with Hudson News, which went up in the first week of October and is already becoming the go-to store for REV GUM lovers in the state. These strong regional and national chains coming online are solidifying REV GUM’s position in the market.

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