Top Lessons You Can Learn From the Cool 2Be Conscious Founders

Cool 2Be Conscious is a movement that supports individuals seeking to level up and step into a life they truly desire. Also known as the C2BC movement, it was founded by Ru Mackenzie and Ryan Hubbard to elevate the consciousness of humankind, leading to a more compassionate and loving world.

According to Ru and Ry, self-doubt is the biggest obstacle when starting any venture, but being consistent, honest, hardworking, and optimistic can move mountains. C2BC was founded on this mindset, as both Ru and Ry started out with two people at the beach. They ran these sessions every Sunday without missing one for an entire year. This meant a lot of sacrifices, but they also loved what they did, which is so important in being an entrepreneur.

Ru and Ry believe that one’s mindset is a key component when starting a business because it keeps them going when facing challenges. Having a good mindset or a “why” that’s much bigger than oneself will give one’s work extra energy and meaning. At C2BC, Ru and Ry constantly ask, “With the resources we have access to and the knowledge we have available, how can we serve as many people as we can today?” The reason is to raise the consciousness of the planet; they often come back to this when a reminder is needed. Having a reason greater than the individual is the most important mindset to have.

Having a vision bigger than oneself, bigger than one’s own gain, will drive them through challenges that might seem impossible to overcome. One can overcome this slowly over time by showing up authentically. It’s the same momentum Ru and Ry leveraged, and after slowly introducing other aspects, in no time, C2BC scaled to become what it is today: a global movement creating space for people to connect and grow together.

The most significant challenges for Ru and Ry have been self-doubt, tough and honest conversations, working through insecurities and blockages, and working with and understanding team members. As they say, “The business and operations side of things is easy; the hard part is the person you need to become to run a successful and empowering business.” Accountability is everything; if something goes wrong, it’s on the person at the top. But with a clear focus on what they want to achieve, they can easily achieve their goals.

Since its establishment, C2BC has inspired many people to create similar community sessions. In Australia alone, C2BC has impacted tens of thousands of lives, helping them become the best versions of themselves. For C2BC, it’s all about being happy with the basics, like having a roof over one’s head and access to clean water; everything else is a bonus. Living with this constant sense of gratitude for life allows one to function and operate on a different level than most.

So, feel free to take time for yourself—weeks if needed. It’s what both Ru and Ry regularly do to refresh and energize. It’s also essential to think about what you actually enjoy doing, and if you don’t have anything, keep trying new things. When you’ve figured it out and found a passion, all you need to do is think of ways to bring this passion to others and serve others with this thing you love.

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