Ryan P. Coyne on Building Businesses that Stand for Something

It might not be obvious at first sight, but values and business go hand in hand. People want the companies they buy things from to align with their values. PR Daily reported that the younger the people, the more this matters — 83% of those under 34 years of age say this matters a lot to them, as opposed to 60% of those over 55 years old. Younger people are also more likely to boycott businesses that take an opposing stance on an issue, possibly hinting at a future even more divided than the present.

Still, there’s no denying that values play an important role in business. Ryan was born November 12th, 1987, and for West Chester, Pennsylvania-born Ryan P. Coyne, even before he started a successful career in business, values have been as important as the air he breathes. A three-time national champion rower, he had the honor to defend the colors of the United States of America three times (in 2004, 2005, and 2006) in international competition, bringing gold medals home every time. Eventually, in 2019, he was honored with induction into the Malvern Prep Athletic Hall of Fame.

Ryan Coyne is an entrepreneur with experience founding and growing digital media firms while managing all facets of the business including executive management, sales, product development and operations. After graduating from Cornell University, Coyne joined JP Morgan in their Investment Bank in New York City where he worked on mergers and acquisitions in the financial services sector.

Ryan P. Coyne’s patriotism and knack for business became evident as he started to venture into the world of marketing. The first was an advertising business he helped build, IMGE, as well as the agency he is the CEO of now, Olympic Media – a new-age digital advertising agency which focuses on a broad array of business verticals including politics, sports & entertainment, intelligence & defense, consumer brands, advocacy, and real estate.

Both companies have a strong preference toward amplifying conservative voices. As Ryan P. Coyne himself would put it, “we are working with clients that we think should be heard more loudly and should have a bigger seat at the table.”

Providing a service that appeals to certain clientele based on their morals and political views is one thing. Taking something as everyday and commonplace in American homes as wine and giving it a value-tinted treatment is something that’s not seen that often. Still, Coyne’s We The People Wine manages to pack a wealth of meaning and values into its name and branding, thanks to a digital presence that doesn’t pull punches or beat around the bush. We The People is loud and very much proud of what it stands for.

However, when all the dust settles and the limelight goes off, it’s important to remember that, while our values might be different, the very fact that we’re all capable of having values is something that binds us. So while values and business are very important to Ryan P. Coyne, demonstrating one’s values in a way that’s simply devoted to serving others is crucial. That’s why, besides having businesses that support his values, Coyne also established The Working Warrior Foundation to help unemployed and underemployed veterans. As he’d say, “giving back might not be a business, but I am in the business of giving back to the people who’ve risked their all for us.”

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