From a 9 to 5 Finance Worker to Luxury Real-Estate CEO: Jonathan Campau shares his story  

Times of vulnerability typically cause people to reconsider their needs and motivation, and the current climate is proving that philosophy to be especially true.  At this moment, many of us are understanding the need to get more satisfaction out of our work, and some are questioning if they are — at long last — prepared to make a change. Try not to postpone your professional life because we’re in a pandemic. One year into the COVID-19 pandemic, a new study by MetLife shows employers are just now understanding its potential long-term mental and physical effects. It provides insights on how business models are shifting dramatically to meet emerging market needs where remote/flex work is becoming more prevalent and in-person work requires physical barriers to keep employees safe.  

Several years ago, Jonathan Campau changed his career path and turned away from his career in finance, roots in the Midwestern US to embark on his current journey that led him into the burgeoning luxury real estate market. His current company, Luxuri, has emerged on the scene as one of the leading short-term rental companies in South Florida, offering luxury homes, exotic cars, yachts, and personalized concierge services for exclusive clients. Campau himself now interacts with celebrity agents, A-listers, and numerous elites from around the world daily.  

Campau made his first major foray into the business world when he purchased a car wash that needed major renovations and a completely revitalized business plan. Today, he still uses the financial records from that purchase as a reminder of the first time he succeeded in business on his own… transforming a money pit into a profitable venture. Today, Jonathan Campau operates more than 200 short-term rental properties in South Florida, Colorado, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C through Luxuri.  

Campau shares that he found success by taking calculated risks, and in short order, learned how to stay focused and believe in himself and his own abilities. He added not only does someone have to love what they do, but emphasized hard work and sweat equity, in the end, become the most rewarding part of success.  

Part of the success equation Campau uses in his daily life he openly shares with aspiring entrepreneurs and involves challenging them to dig deep and be their authentic selves.  The current societal and business climate has provided nearly everyone the opportunity to become introspective and evaluate how they invest their time and energy. He also says someone pondering a lifestyle or career change is evaluating whether their work is truly satisfying. The advice he gives is to look back through life and identify those snippets of time or activities that brought bliss and fulfilment to life.  Being honest in this process provides forward direction and could even illuminate a future path.   

Jonathan Campau warns, however, to ensure life priorities remain clear, and to always remain mindful of the legacy being left behind.  He goes on to say the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many of us to recalibrate our values and think bigger than ourselves… to reflect on the impact our actions have on others and the greater community – including the environment.  Fundamental principles driving entrepreneurs will always remain grounded in steadfast focus, dreaming big, providing solutions, and fulfilling motivation, but self-truth and societal influence are taking precedence over the idea of a big payday.   

Today’s business environment still poses significant challenges to budding entrepreneurs, and societal expectations have put additional strains on what truly defines success. Financial success and societal responsibility do not need to be mutually exclusive endeavors.  Campau says to remain consistent in your behaviors and that although everyone will have an individual formula, remaining true to oneself while maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit will guide a path to finding the right balance between these two ideas in today’s challenging world.   

You can follow Jonathan Campau on Instagram at and visit the Luxuri company website at  

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