Lauren C. Nelson is the Go-To Branding Strategist for Creating Impact

Conflict is an inevitable part of the workplace. What matters most is how well such conflicts are handled and resolved. Lauren C. Nelson, Founder and CEO of Partner for Impact, has been working with companies for many years to help them through tricky situations by eliminating barriers that can lead to costly conflicts. In her work, she helps businesses identify areas where they might be struggling and offers guidance on necessary steps to improving company culture, so everyone feels seen and heard. Whether it’s lack of inclusion, poor communication, clashing personalities, or world views, Partner for Impact can help a brand avoid impending disasters that may arise when issues go unchecked.

Partner for Impact is a consultancy with a mission to guide people, managers, and businesses through conflicts created during human interaction. With vast experience as a coach and facilitator, Lauren has continued to lend helpful, professional conflict resolution expertise and demonstrated practicable approaches toward solving workplace conflict. Over the years, HR professionals, managers, and business owners relied on Lauren for help resolving team conflicts. In most cases, they were “people issues” – personality clashes, microaggressions (verbal or behavioral slights), misunderstandings, and tensions surrounding race, gender, or sexual orientation. Sometimes, these are tricky aspects of human engagements that they had no adequate experience dealing with. Lauren created Partner for Impact to remove conflict barriers so employers and their employees can get on track with what matters most.

Over the years, Lauren has become a sought-after mediator, corporate consultant, and empowerment coach for female leaders. She’s worked with over 200 organizations where she’s seen firsthand how projects dissolve or get disrupted when teams have unreconciled issues. As a result, Partner for Impact has been trusted by prestigious brands like Oatly, The Annie E. Casey Foundation, Americans for the Arts, Michelin restaurant owners, and many others. Most of the company’s corporate workshops have been a hit and taken impressive shape, especially in the aspects of Values, and Organizational Alignment, which Lauren believes are inexcusable aspects of a brand.

“Conflict often arises when people do not feel seen, heard, and valued,” Lauren shares. “Now more than ever, employees want to feel seen, heard, respected, and valued at work. Our values communicate who we are and what’s important to us. We help companies find out what’s important to their people and use it impactfully.”

Lauren adds that many companies have had to deal with a cultural shift as they’ve become more diverse, which inevitably leads to clashes as people try to navigate the new landscape. Left unchecked, those conflicts can lead to disasters that cost you your projects, reputation, and more. Partner for Impact has dutifully positioned itself as a trusted resource for clients seeking to understand the workings of this new landscape, conflict mediation, powerful coaching, and highly engaging training and corporate workshops designed to equip, educate, and empower.

Ultimately, Partner for Impact’s mission is to help clients avoid the disruptions and poor morale that team conflict creates.

The team stands out for investing time to understand each client and their problems, not just funneling them through a cold, pre-packaged process. With a customized solution, clients can create a positive and inclusive culture for their employees. By doing so, they increasingly get better at retaining talent, increasing productivity, and getting the most out of their workforce.

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