How Matt Meyers Started From the Bottom and Made a Name for Himself 

Over the past few years, technology has given many the chances to explore more opportunities and challenge themselves to grow. However, it requires a lot of effort and determination to stick to something innovative and keep moving forward. Some ideas can take a while to gain success as the audience might require more awareness, but patience pays off eventually.

One of these creative visionaries is Matt Meyers. He is an entrepreneur and has experience within the Salesforce ecosystem. He has gained over 15 years of experience and earned the highest certification in the industry: Certified Technical Architect.

Furthermore, he is an entrepreneur and co-founded Adaptus. He is the company’s CEO and has been working actively on EzProtect, SaaS software used to scan for viruses. It outperforms its competitors and protects its users from cyber threats on any Salesforce platform. 

Making it so far in life and chasing his dreams was not easy for Matt. He came from a middle-class family where everything had to be earned. Matt had to struggle, and there were times when surviving even became difficult. He paid his own college tuition and supported himself throughout his years of studying. But these hiccups didn’t stop him from dreaming. 

He was eventually able to secure a degree in computer science and got an MBA as well. Matt is someone who gave himself a chance to learn and moved up the corporate ladder with the knowledge he gained. Later, Matt successfully built a strong career and consulted 400K clients independently. 

Matt initially set up his business without any major financial investments and landed a job that only paid about 30K as a fresh graduate. Things changed for him when he started to work towards everything he believed in. The experience he gained while building his business helped him grow as a person greatly. 

Even in his private life, Matt has had extremely difficult days. When his sister lost her battle with cancer, he was tremendously upset, and getting his life back on track was not easy. He was close to her, and wanting to push on with his life to achieve success was very challenging, but the support of his loved ones kept him going. 

Currently, Matt is working to share his knowledge with others so they can build something concrete of their own. He plans to use Instagram and spread his hard-earned knowledge to as many interested people as possible. Matt is also considering writing a book regarding Salesforce security to help other companies he works with. 

Matt believes that working independently and becoming an expert helped him expand drastically. It seemed daunting at first, but it was one of the best decisions he has made. This has been inspiring to other young people in his industry as well. Matt is always happy to share his journey with them. 

People like Matt are an inspiration for many aspiring tech entrepreneurs around the globe. He started his journey with no major financial resources, but with the right decisions, better opportunities came his way. Despite having a family and an 8-month-old, Matt has managed to balance his work and family life and is looking forward to further career growth.  

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