EXCLUSIVE! Celebrity Tattoo Artist Alec Turner Is Making Waves With His Ink

Here at Hollywood Unlocked, we love to highlight those who are paving the way in their lane, and a few notable names brought us to the celebrity tattoo artist, Alec Turner.

Alec Turner is an international multi-award-winning tattoo artist who has traveled the globe from Denmark, Germany, Puerto Rico, and Colombia. He has inked up some of the biggest names across the United States and he has been featured numerous times among some of the top-rated tattoo artists in the world.

He has also tattooed numerous high-profile individuals and celebrities and his work speaks for itself, so if you want some seriously good ink you need to be acquainted.

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Alec Turner Opened Up His Own Tattoo School

As of January 2021, Turner took it to the next level and opened his own Tattoo School where he is not only the head instructor of the Institute but a mentor to many aspiring tattoo artists who apprentice under him.

He is also in the process of opening a second location and branching out to multiple facilities. Other instructors will work at the school where he will be teaching everything from standard tattooing methods to cosmetics and advanced cosmetology. He is a single father of a two-year-old son whom he has custody of and does everything he can to try and provide the best life he can.

It is not all work and play, Turner takes out two weeks of every month so that he can ensure his son has enough time with him, and his job as a father is a priority.

Alec’s motivation to be great stems from the relationship with his son and he decided to show his son, through his hard work and great pieces, what chasing your dreams can look like. He also made it a mission to instill a great work ethic in him and to never give up on your dreams.

To get tatted or to learn from Alec, head to Instagram and blacklabeltattoo.net

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