Vindicated Father & Celebrated Tattoo Artist Shares How False Allegations Impact Innocent Men

We recently shared a story about Alexander B. Turner (“Alec”) who is an internationally known, multi-award-winning professional tattoo artist.

Turner owns and operates a successful tattoo shop, Black Label Tattoo Collective, in Eugene, Oregon. His original artwork has earned him a positive and growing reputation throughout the Oregon tattoo industry and even throughout the United States and the greater world-wide tattoo community. His customers have included celebrities and professional athletes. Despite his success, he has been the victim of false allegations that have severely impacted his mental health.

In 2009, Alec was addicted to heroin and became a convicted felon. After spending almost two years in prison for crimes related to his drug problem, he left prison a changed man. As of July 2022, he will have been clean and sober for eleven years. But he has never forgotten his past, what it taught him or where he was and will never be again.

As a further penance, and to give back into the Eugene, Oregon community he loves, Alec has opened “recovery residences” (single-family houses) for drug-dependent people working to stay drug-free and law-abiding, which allows them to remain in the local Eugene, Oregon community where he grew up. He speaks at schools, reco very groups and before other organizations sharing his story and his struggle from being a hardcore drug addict, criminal and convict, to becoming a successful “body artist” and business owner who credits God for his delivery from drugs and crime-and for his natural talent and success.

Anyone who knows Alec would tell you that his trade, talent and business are not the centers of his life. He has a wonderful son, now two years, old who holds that turf. Shortly after his son was born, Alec became involved in a very acrimonious custody battle with his son’s mother. Within a few months thereafter, Alec suddenly found himself the victim of a vicious, online, smear campaign aimed at destroying him both personally and professionally.

Hiding behind the keyboard and taking advantage of the anonymity, which only the internet can provide, and while using a transitory, Instagram web page as their disguise, several women began repeatedly posting false allegations wrongfully accusing Alec of sexual misconduct involving his female clients, including the under-aged. This malicious, internet rampage, only ended when he filed a seven-figure lawsuit against the perpetrators who could then be identified and located.

Like so many other people whose lives have been ruined by such baseless and libelous internet postings, Alec suffered terribly. Upon learning of the posting, his entire staff of tattoo artists and two clerks quit out of fear of being associated with him and his business and being co-targeted in this mean-spirited crusade. Predictably, Turner suffered overwhelming stress, anxiety, panic attacks, loss of appetite and chronic sleep deprivation. The fictitious accusations cost him friends, clients, and sponsorships and a significant amount of business revenue.

Alec was understandably humiliated. “At one point, I was so humiliated and did not want to even go outside. I was concerned for my safety, and that of my son, because of threats that I received.” Those responsible would not step-forward and be counted. In hindsight, he does not blame them. His hurt and frustration evolved, and he became angry enough to go to blows with any man (if there had been one involved) willing to stand his ground.

Alec describes that one of the most frustrating and disappointing aspects of this entire matter was what he described as the “bizarre way” that people—some that knew him and many who did not—seemed too ready, willing, and able to believe the worst about him. He got to the point where he did not trust anyone, or how they might react towards him, except for his attorneys and family. Far too many people, it seemed, believe that, if the information is on the internet, it must be true. “They don’t question anything they see or the motives of anyone who writes this kind of stuff.”

During the legal process, Alec learned that one of the perpetrators turned out to be a former girlfriend of his. Apparently, this lady was authoring defamatory posts while, at the same time, texting him to reconnect. Through what Alec describes as “outstanding legal work,” his attorneys were able to disprove the allegations and discredit all the known defendants who had a hand in creating what he now refers to as the “hate page.”

Alec has now come full circle and is now focusing on his “better priorities” of his life such as his son, his work and, now, teaching his trade to others.

Alec has recently secured a second location to operate his businesses out of and has had added to his staff. He is in the process of opening a tattoo trade school. He has reacquired some former clients and sponsors. Trade shows, and his other public demonstrations has even garnered him some new clients and sponsors. He has a healthy following.

Turner has made peace with the assault on his character, even if not with all those responsible for it. “I am moving on with my life and putting all of this behind me, but it is taking time. I refuse to be stuck in the past. People who don’t have anything positive going on in their own lives (and maybe never will) will always talk s**t about others who are trying to improve their lives and moving forward. I’m just going to continue to be successful happy and provide for my family and the people that have always been there for me.”

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